Tyrant Unleashed Wiki
Battle 1

Battle is where players can fight against other players' decks. Players can earn gold or obtain commander cards with points gained by attaining a certain amount of Battle Rating (Rating).


Up to 18 players are listed in Battle screen. The list shows their rating (Rating), image and level of their commander and gold you can get as a reward. You can pay Gold 50 to refresh the list if no good targets are on the list.

Starting a battle costs 1 Attack (PvP Attack). Attack regenerates once per 5 minutes and can be stored a maximum of 10. This cap can be increased to 20 by purchasing the Elite Pack.

In combat, other players' decks are controlled by AI: their cards are played randomly while you can choose 1 out of 3 cards, as in missions.


Players on the list are chosen according to Battle Rating, which is displayed next to the blue cup icon (Rating). Rating goes up with victory. Beating a person with higher rating awards more rating, capping out at +50 when the opponent is around +1000 rating higher than you.

Starting in version 1.37.1, Rating is not decreased after a loss.

Generally the higher enemy rating is, the more gold is awarded. (Minimum 25, rises if enemy rating is higher than yours and some). The maximum gold for a win is 100 and the amount that you get from losing is a quarter of the amount for winning (max 25).

Unlocking Commanders[]

Battle 2

After version 1.8, Commander cards are obtained through Battle, not by Fusions.

When your Battle Rating reaches a new rank threshold, you gain a new Battle Rank and 1 Promotion Point, which you can use to unlock Commander cards.

Every time you are promoted, your Energy, Attacks and Guild War Attacks are refreshed to their maximum capacity.

Even if your rating becomes less than your current rank threshold, you will not be demoted to a lower lank, and none of your commanders will become unusable.

# Rating Rank name
1 0 Rookie
2 25 Infantryman
3 150 Adept
4 350 Marshall
5 600 Veteran
# Rating Rank name
6 1,000 Vanguard Officer
7 1,750 Dragoon
8 3,000 Headhunter
9 5,000 Legionnaire
10 7,000 Prefect
# Rating Rank name
11 9,000 Warmaster
12 11,000 Centurian
13 13,500 Imperator
14 16,500 Immortal
15 20,000 Tyrant
# Rating Rank name
16 35,000 Dark Tyrant
17 50,000 Tyrant Lord
18 75,000 Tyrant Overlord
19 100,000 Tyrant King
20 125,000 Mythic Tyrant

Tier 2 (Epic) commanders become unlockable when all tier 1 (Rare) commanders are acquired. Tier 3 (Legendary) become unlockable when all tier 2 commanders are acquired. Therefore you need 9,000 rating to get Legendary commanders.

Faction Tier 1 Tier 2 Tier 3
Faction imperial large Cyrus Octane Halcyon Tabitha
Faction raider large Malika Yurich Typhon Vex Barracus
Faction bloodthirsty large Ascaris Brood Mother Dracorex Petrisis
Faction xeno large Terrogor Vyander Krellus Nexor
Faction righteous large Maion Empress Alaric Constantine

Unlock Bonus[]

Acquiring a tier 1 commander awards you 3 commons and 1 rare cards of the same faction as the commander.

Acquiring a tier 2 commander awards you 2 common and 2 rare cards of the same faction as the commander.

Acquiring a tier 3 commander awards you 4 rare cards of the same faction as the commander.

Stealing Artifacts[]

Before November 26, 2014, players could sometimes steal Artifacts from each other with successful wins.

If you defeated a player who had an artifact displayed, you stole the artifact from them.

You could view players who have attacked you and stolen your artifacts in the Battle Reports screen.

Whenever players had an artifact stolen from them, they would be given a 12 hour shield, which would prevent any further artifacts from being stolen. New accounts also received a shield that lasted 3 days. You could buy a shield for 24 hours for Wb 15 at Battle screen.

In the old days (summer 2013), Salvage Points Sp were also stolen like artifacts, up to 10% of a player's total SP.


Sometimes Rivals, also known as NPCs or bots, appear on the list, mostly to help beginners by being convenient targets. Decks of NPCs have a limited number of variations.

NPCs have some common characteristics:

  • Rating tends to be round numbers.
  • Name is chosen from the list below.
  • Always reward Gold 25, regardless of rating.

AI Rival Names[]

Vindictus Ubbon Nithantep Rhugha
Athonith Vhogga synapticon DaWayne
Rudgutter stitch TheBaron Lokrintus
Astarion Vile Branson Dorian
Haloth Maris Loria Riaz
MickeySmith GunGore LADYXANDRA NewBeeland
Faceespacee killcode Donnie Triffid
counterSurge Spider987 tentamani Vorlus21
445deathRay MaidenOFiron 1BeesKnees1 HOWLWOLFF
H8TR upset 13thHour SamSweety