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Breakout BrawlEdit

Period: 9/22/2015 - 9/25/2015

The Breakout Brawl was the twenty-seventh Brawl in Tyrant Unleashed.

The Brawl was delayed by one day because of issues with the Harbinger Conquest. It also lost four hours on either end.

Battleground EffectEdit


Brawl RewardsEdit

Reward Rank
Rare Pack 1-50000
PvP Epic Legacy Pack 1-30000
Cleave Breaker 1-25000
Epic Pack 1-20000
PvP Epic Pack 1-15000
Cleave Breaker 1-12500
PvP Epic Pack 1-10000
PvP Legendary Legacy Pack 1-7500
Manta Copter 1-5000
PvP Legend Pack 1-3500
Manta Copter 1-2500
PvP Legend Pack 1-1000
Cleave Driller 1-500
PvP Vindicator Legacy Pack 1-350
Prophet of Damnation 1-200
PvP Vindicator Pack 1-100
Prophet of Damnation 1-50
Manta Heli 1-10
Prophet of Doom 1-3

Final RankingsEdit

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