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Campaigns are a type of limited-time solo PvE event, where you can take only a limited number of cards to defeat a series of enemies, leading up to a challenging final boss. To participate you must have beaten Mission 106 in the main storyline.

When you start a Campaign, you choose a deck and a reserve of up to 15 cards to take with you. Any cards that die during a Campaign mission  cannot be used for the rest of that Campaign. You can replace them with cards from your reserves in between battles. However, it is not possible to have a second commander in the reserve.

If you lose a battle, that attempt at the Campaign is over. Campaigns will cost 100-200 energy to start, but individual campaign steps don’t cost any additional energy. Campaigns have three difficulty levels with seven missions per level. Defeating the Campaign at one level unlocks the next. All battles are fought in surge mode.

Each level has better rewards available. After winning the seventh mission, one of the presented rewards is randomly chosen from the pool (similar to the event box concept).

Tartarus Vanguard Campaign[]

Period: 2/23/2015 - 2/26/2015


Tier 1 (easy):

Tier 2 (medium):

Tier 3 (hard):