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Cards []

Cards represent the various units, buildings and leaders in Tyrant Unleashed.


Commanders lead their armies to victory. A commander card has a health stat that determines how much damage needs to be done to them before the player loses. Most commanders also have skills that affect battle.


Assault cards represent the units and deadly warmachines of Acheron. Assault cards have health stat, attack power stat and delay timer. When an Assault is played, it is unable to act until its delay timer has run out. The delay timer decreases by one each turn. Once active, each turn, it will use its skills and attack the card across from it. The defender loses health based on the attack value of the attacker. If an assault card's health reaches 0 it is discarded.

Assault cards may have skills that activate when they attack or are attacked.


Structure cards represent buildings or bases. Structure cards have a health stat and delay timer. Once the delay timer ticks to 0 the structure is active. If a structure reaches 0 health it is discarded. Structures are played in the back line, and cannot be attacked directly by Assault cards.

Structures do not have an attack power stat, but they always have one or more skills.


Every card has rarity, which indicates how difficult it is to obtain that card and the amount of Salvage Points obtained when it is salvaged. Rarity also has some impact on the relative strength of the card, but the strength is largely based on the age of the card and the set it belongs to. Players can distinguish rarity through the color of the card's frame, or the details of the card, which appears when you tap a card on the screen.

Rarities and colors of the card frame are as below, ordered from most common to rarest:

Card Lists[]


Card type


There are also lists of cards in each card set, which tells where and how the card is obtained.