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Cards in this category can be fused using only cards in the Standard set or this set itself. New fusions are added about once per month.

By Release Date[]

Release Date Faction imperial large.png Imperial Faction raider large.png Raider Faction bloodthirsty large.png Bloodthirsty Faction xeno large.png Xeno Faction righteous large.png Righteous
2016 Mar 10th Rarity vindicator.png Inquisitor

Rarity vindicator.png Inquisitor's Rule

Rarity vindicator.png Inquisitor's Domain

Rarity vindicator.png Hatred

Rarity vindicator.png Hatred Flows

Rarity vindicator.png Hatred the Lethal

Rarity vindicator.png Psycher

Rarity vindicator.png Bloody Psycher

Rarity vindicator.png Melrok the Psycher

Rarity vindicator.png Vrost

Rarity vindicator.png Vrost Traveller

Rarity vindicator.png Vrost the Speaker

Rarity vindicator.png Eidolon

Rarity vindicator.png Eidolon Cleric

Rarity vindicator.png Eidolon of Axiom

Jan 28th Rarity epic.png Stonewall Garrison Rarity epic.png Ferrodantium Mines Rarity epic.png Unholy Cathedral Rarity epic.png Vrost's Alcazar Rarity epic.png Tabernacle of Andor
2015 Dec 14th Rarity legendary.png Ward Bombardier Rarity legendary.png Atomic Wardriver Rarity legendary.png Cimex Parasite Rarity legendary.png Ternary Dreadshot Rarity legendary.png Patriarch's Bidding
Nov 3rd Rarity epic.png Gun Virtuoso

Rarity epic.png Bullet Virtuoso

Rarity epic.png Orion Scout

Rarity epic.png Orion Survivor

Rarity epic.png Riktox Extractor

Rarity epic.png Riktox Liquefier

Rarity epic.png Nettle Beast

Rarity epic.png Nettle Miscreant

Rarity epic.png Holy Twin-Engines

Rarity epic.png Sacred Twin-Engines

Sep 22nd Rarity legendary.png Mobile Armory

Rarity legendary.png Traversable Armory

Rarity legendary.png Ridge Skimmer

Rarity legendary.png Ridge Rider

Rarity legendary.png Emergence

Rarity legendary.png Vile Emergence

Rarity legendary.png Jagged Crawler

Rarity legendary.png Jagged Enforcer

Rarity legendary.png Grounder

Rarity legendary.png Ground Cutter

Aug 4th Rarity epic.png Terrain Ambler Rarity epic.png Mangle Loader Rarity epic.png Tormentor Rarity epic.png Trepidation Rarity epic.png Bounty Hunter
Jun 23rd Rarity legendary.png Ambush Neutralizer Rarity legendary.png Limb Hacker Rarity legendary.png Carrion Scalper Rarity legendary.png The Malevolent Rarity legendary.png Conservator Droid
May 12th Rarity epic.png Proteus Rarity epic.png Kor Ragetrooper Rarity epic.png Broodmancer Rarity epic.png Xeno Harvestman Rarity epic.png Sentinel's Gift
Mar 24th Rarity legendary.png Truesteel Vigor Rarity legendary.png The Exiled Rarity legendary.png Gunkir Rarity legendary.png Spawnsire Rarity legendary.png The Salvation
Feb 10th Rarity epic.png Haven Rarity epic.png Depository Rarity epic.png Living Tomb Rarity epic.png Nexor's Vault Rarity epic.png Bridge of Destiny
2014 Dec 16th Rarity legendary.png Pulverizer Rarity legendary.png Chainslicer Rarity legendary.png Hellgazer Rarity legendary.png Allogarb Rarity legendary.png Roving Pariah
Nov 18th Rarity epic.png Dune Runner Rarity epic.png Altrone Rarity epic.png Revenant Rarity epic.png Parasitoid Rarity epic.png Hodane
Oct 21st Rarity epic.png The Tenacious Rarity epic.png Shock Disruptor Rarity legendary.png Flesh Butcher Rarity legendary.png The Adversary Rarity legendary.png Blink Providence
Sep 23rd Rarity legendary.png Guardian Gamut Rarity legendary.png Revolt Ranger Rarity epic.png The Indoctrinated Rarity epic.png Fatal Salient Rarity epic.png Smite Forger
Aug 27th Rarity legendary.png Cadmus Rarity legendary.png Jagged Grater Rarity legendary.png Foul Recluse Rarity legendary.png Fenflame Rarity legendary.png Aasi
May 7th Rarity epic.png Alloy Ram Rarity epic.png Tumbler Rarity legendary.png Insanior

Rarity legendary.png Withersnap

Rarity epic.png Sonar Sentry

Rarity legendary.png Tremor Wyrm

Rarity legendary.png Samurai
Apr 29th Rarity legendary.png Assailant Rarity legendary.png Judgment Rarity epic.png Necrogeddon Rarity legendary.png Constrictor Rarity epic.png Precursor
Feb 7th Rarity epic.png Stormreaver Rarity epic.png Steel Maiden Rarity epic.png Blight Demolisher Rarity epic.png Unholy Daemon Rarity epic.png Contaminant Purge
Jan 6th Rarity rare.png Terminator X

Rarity epic.png Tiamat the Destroyer

Rarity epic.png Swift Hellion

Rarity rare.png Blitz Guard

Rarity epic.png Lead Dozer

Rarity epic.png Forsaken Beetle

Rarity rare.png Brood Lackey

Rarity epic.png Entrails Bog

Rarity epic.png Spiteful Raptor

Rarity rare.png Enclave Vestige

Rarity epic.png Fleet Mothership

Rarity rare.png Honor-Bound Veteran

Rarity epic.png Sacred Sanctuary

Rarity legendary.png Noble Defiance

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