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Life Unbound[]

Blood carries the essence of life. Flesh is carved to be the vessel of life. What then, are the Bloodthirsty, if not life run rampant? For centuries the Bloodthirsty had lain dormant beneath the crust of Acheron. The arrival of Imperial colonists, however, awoke the creatures.


The first Bloodthirsty attacks came at night. Colonists would disappear from their bunks and then be found days later dismembered and torn to shreds as if by some large animal. The first blighted human was found attacking former friends and family at Outpost 331 in the Swamp Lands.


It was during the war on the Red Maw faction that the name Bloodthirsty was codified. Bloodthirsty represented any life that bore a distinct hunger for flesh. During this time, the Broodmother appeared and seemed to lead the Bloodthirsty. This meant that the Bloodthirsty could be controlled, a truly terrifying discovery.


After a long and drawn out conflict with the Imperials, the Broodmother was finally brought down, but instead of killing the beast they imprisoned her for study. Since the rise of the Broodmother, more and more powerful Bloodthirsty have begun to appear. They assail and merge with any living thing they can.


The amount of Bloodthirsty seems to increase around the Blight. The Blight itself takes many forms. Sometimes its a dense glowing fog, other times its patches of water, red and acidic. Blighted regions are a deadly obstacle for armies moving through them, as Bloodthirsty seem to erupt from the once stable earth.


Faction Tier 1 Tier 2 Tier 3 Tier 4
Rarity Rare Epic Legendary Legendary
Acquisition Promotion Promotion Promotion Mutant Rewards
Faction bloodthirsty large.png Bloodthirsty Ascaris Brood Mother Dracorex Petrisis Malort

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