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Caches are an alternate form of Event Boxes that contain fewer cards but are cheaper to buy out.

Caches always contain 12 cards (7 Rare, 4 Epic, and 1 Legendary) and cost Wb 60 for a random single card from the cache.

Caches only contain one copy of each card, and can be bought out a maximum of four times.


Month Theme Box Name New Cards
October 2015 Faction imperial large Rebound Cache Icarus' Vestige
Faction raider large Butcher Cache Highwayman
September 2015 Overlord Cache Cephalidon
August 2015 Faction imperial large Regent Cache Yama
Faction bloodthirsty large Lethal Cache Foro
Gemstone Cache Alexandria
Faction xeno large Incursion Cache Coleopt
July 2015 Faction raider large Skiver Cache Ridge Coverer
Faction righteous large Nurture Cache Arbiter
Faction bloodthirsty large Extinct Cache Walking Hatchery
Faction imperial large Justice Cache Hunker
June 2015 Faction righteous large Enlighten Cache Kodo
Faction xeno large Cosmic Cache Nether Lurch
Faction bloodthirsty large Decay Cache Rust Chomper
Faction imperial large Liberty Cache RX-7
Faction raider large Revolt Cache Sharpshooter
May 2015 None Hunter Cache Jackal
Faction bloodthirsty large Intruder Cache Claret Larvae
Faction righteous large Mystic Cache Redeemer of Souls
Faction imperial large Liege Cache Jax
April 2015 Faction raider large Merciless Cache Combat Plow
Faction xeno large Skyjack Cache Xerxes
Faction imperial large Despot Cache Zhark
Pierce large Ripper Cache None
Faction righteous large Everlasting Cache Wreak
March 2015 Faction xeno large Helix Cache Shar
Leech largeEvolve largeRefresh large Refresh Cache Revival Globe
Faction bloodthirsty large Gore Cache Uldar
Faction raider large Marauder Cache Destroyer
Faction righteous large Worship Cache Council Abode
Faction imperial large Munitions Cache Gorgon
February 2015 Faction xeno large Invader Cache Needle
Faction raider large Vicious Cache Raid Rover
Corrosive large Corrosion Cache Bathydome
Faction bloodthirsty large Swarm Cache Soot Breath
Faction righteous large Angelic Cache Sly Automaton
January 2015 Faction raider large Fierce Cache Syndicate Thug
Faction imperial large Electro Cache Taser
Faction righteous large Castigate Cache Mausoleum
Faction xeno large Nomadic Cache Killstar
Faction bloodthirsty large Infernal Cache Mhro
December 2014 None Veiled Cache Simo
Faction raider large Plunder Cache Sepa Trekker
Faction imperial large Accolade Cache Imposing Iron
Faction bloodthirsty large Carnage Cache Slaughtermite
Faction righteous large Exemplar Cache Crux Preserver
November 2014 Faction xeno large Menace Cache Deceiver
Faction raider large Brutality Cache Chimera
Faction imperial large Regal Cache Krieg
None Promotion Cache None
Faction righteous large Spirit Cache None
October 2014 None Haunted Cache Ghoul, Soulrender
Faction raider large Forsaken Cache Cathodic Engineer
Faction bloodthirsty large Sulfuris Cache Vulture
Faction imperial large Royal Cache Mountain
Faction xeno large Anomaly Cache Spiral Pinnacle
September 2014 Faction bloodthirsty large Plague Cache Contagion Wing
Faction righteous large Reverent Cache Hallowed Lodge
Faction imperial large Covert Cache Arsenal
Faction raider large Barbarian Cache None
August 2014 None Abundance Cache None
None Fortune Cache None
None Destiny Cache None
None Evolution Cache None
Faction xeno large Galactic Cache None
Faction imperial large Autocracy Cache Glimmer
Faction righteous large Celestial Cache Frost
None Precursor Cache Nuballa, Corpsman
July 2014 Faction raider large Pillage Cache Surgeon
Faction xeno large Cryptic Cache None
Faction bloodthirsty large Slaughter Cache None
None Miasma Cache None
None Rebel Cache Hopper, Seeper

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