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Commanders lead their armies to victory. You lose the game when your Commander's health drops to zero, and the objective of the game is to reduce your opponent's Commander to zero health. Most commanders also have skills that affect the course of the game.

Commanders start the game in play, and do not have a delay. Their skills always activate before any of your other cards' skills.

All players start with Cyrus unlocked, and more Commanders can be unlocked through Promotion, using points earned in Battle. When commanders are unlocked, they award an unlock bonus of four pre-determined Common and/or Rare cards from the Standard set, of the same faction as the commander.

There are also many commanders that are unique to events and unavailable to players.

Obtainable Commanders

Faction Tier 1 Tier 2 Tier 3 Tier 4
Rarity Rare Epic Legendary Legendary
Acquisition Promotion Promotion Promotion Mutant Rewards
Faction imperial large.png


Cyrus Octane Halcyon Tabitha Daedalus
Faction raider large.png


Malika Yurich Typhon Vex Barracus Lord Silus
Faction bloodthirsty large.png


Ascaris Brood Mother Dracorex Petrisis Malort
Faction xeno large.png


Terrogor Vyander Krellus Nexor Kylen
Faction righteous large.png


Maion Empress Alaric Constantine Arkadios

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