Valhalla ascension box banner

The Cyclone Box was available in the store during the second week of the Valhalla Ascension event.


Rarity vindicator Quad Fused Vindicator ●○○○○○
Arges Of Tartarus
Rarity vindicator Vindicator ●●●●●○
Valhalla Watch, Subsonic Deity, Monster Tamer
Rarity legendary Legendary ●●●●○○
Hustle x2, Inferno Seeker x2, Fallen Angel x2, Living Metal x2, Payload x2
Rarity epic Epic ●●●○○○
Barracks Fortifier x6, First Squadron x6, Unislicer x6, Coleopt x6, Dicycle Magnific x6
Rarity rare Rare ●○○○
Revolution x12, Rubble Rover x12, Microgen x12, Dragoon x12, Regen Incubator x12

Players can buy 1 random card out of those for Wb 60.

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