Death gacha banner

The Death Box was available for 24 hours starting 7 AM GMT on 3/14/2014, immediately before the Red Maw Invasion, alongside the Life Box.

It was made available again during the Jotun Raid, alongside the Seize Box, for 24 hours starting 5 PM GMT on 9/12/2014.


Rarity legendary Faction progenitor large Legendary Progenitor
Rarity legendary Legendary
Conviction, Drop Base, Viper, Rifter, Apollo
Rarity epic Epic
Mortar Bunker, Heli-Duster, Razogoth's Heir, Interstellar Battery, Ruthless Brute
Rarity rare Rare
Render, Bolide Walker, Skull Core, Eclipse Cycle, Tibidor

Players can buy 1 random card out of those for Wb 60.

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