Harrowing journey box banner enduring rage

The Enduring Box was available in the store during the Harrowing Journey event starting after Invasion Conquest through the start of the Exalted War.


Rarity vindicator Vindicator ●●●●●○
Zakatoc, Infected Megalodon, Tombstone
Rarity legendary Legendary ●●●●○○
Paratrooper x2, Hound Tracker x2, Decayed Crackshot x2, Ryu x2, Fervor x2
Rarity epic Epic ●●●○○○
Submersible x6, Spine Cannon x6, Organic Artillery x6, Coleopt x6, Revealer x6
Rarity rare Rare ●○○○
Valentina x12, Bolide Walker x12, Pestilent Injector x12, Eclipse Cycle x12, Herald x12

Players can buy 1 random card out of those for Wb 60.

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