Acquiring and UpgradingEdit

Fortress cards are purchased and upgraded on a Guild level using Guild Points (GP small), also known as GP, earned from Event Quests. Guilds can equip up to two Defense Fortress cards and two Siege Fortress cards. Guilds are allowed to equip multiple copies of the same Fortress card.

Upgrade CostsEdit

Level 0 -> 1 1 -> 2 2 -> 3 3 -> 4 Total
Epic GP small 50 GP small 450 GP small 2000 GP small 6000 GP small 8500

In Guild WarsEdit

When a battle begins, a player may choose to attack the enemy core directly, or attack a specific Fortress. When attacking the core or a Defense Fortress, you will start the game with any active Siege Fortresses in play.

When attacking an enemy Fortress slot, the enemy will start the game with that Fortress in play, whether it is Siege or Defensive.

When attacking the enemy core, the enemy starts the game with all active Defensive Fortresses in play. However, if the attacker wins, they score double personal and war points.

Damaging FortressesEdit

Fortresses have 4000 Hit Points. A successful attack against a Fortress will deal 25 damage, and a loss will deal 1 damage. If the Fortress runs out of Hit Points, it will be disabled until next fight. Disabled Fortresses do not appear in battles.

In RaidsEdit

Players can take their guild's Fortresses into battle against Raid bosses. Only Siege Fortresses are deployed.

Fortresses do not take damage during Raids.

Guild FortressesEdit

Siege Defensive
Faction imperial large Mortar Tower Tesla Coil
Faction raider large Lightning Cannon Minefield
Death Factory
Faction bloodthirsty large Corrosive Spore Foreboding Archway
Faction xeno large Sky Fortress Forcefield
Faction righteous large Inspiring Altar Illuminary Blockade

In ConquestEdit

Guild Fortresses are not used in Conquest, instead players use Fortresses from regions they hold influence over.

In Conquest, Fortresses cannot be damaged or destroyed, cannot be upgraded, and do not need to be selected by officers. Instead the Fortresses from the five highest ranked regions will be deployed.

Regional FortressesEdit

Faction imperial large Imperial Faction raider large Raider Faction bloodthirsty large Bloodthirsty Faction xeno large Xeno Faction righteous large Righteous
Tier 1 Norhaven Mech Graveyard

Cleave Rock

Infested Depot Seismic Beacon Tyrolian Outpost
Tier 2 The Spire Red Maw Base Brood Nest SkyCom Complex

Magma Foundry

Jotun's Pantheon
Super Phobos Station

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