Arctis prison box banner

The Opal Box was available in the store during the second part of the Escape from Arctis Prison event.


Rarity vindicator Vindicator ●●●●●○
Cherub, Tabitha's Backup, Elemir
Rarity legendary Legendary ●●●●○○
Valhalla Hangar x2, Calypso x2, Darkpact Beast x2, Raksha x2, Iris x2
Rarity epic Epic ●●●○○○
Bio Blaster x4, Syndicate Mech x4, Rust Chomper x4, Profane Eye x4, Retaliator x4
Auxiliary Force x4, Icon x4, Torture Chamber x4, Jackal x4, Crusader x4
Rarity rare Rare ●○○○
Valentina x25, Bolide Walker x25

Players can buy 1 random card out of those for Wb 60.

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