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When the Splinter War shook the Imperial colonies and broke them apart, those in the Asphodel region remained stable. Their newly discovered Nexus, and its potential, made likely attackers shy away. This allowed the region to develop and become a sanctuary during the war, taking in refugees and exiles.

Asphodel Lost[]

When the butcher, Halcyon, lead his men to Asphodel, its leader, King Orthrus Vex, and his son, Prince Typhon, defended their people on the battlefield. Fearing loss, Halcyon blackened the earth and reduced Asphodel to a wasteland. With Orthrus dead and Asphodel lost, Typhon and his people were condemned to Kor.

Arrival at Kor[]

Tired and ravaged by war, the people of Asphodel arrive at Kor only to face a new threat. The prisoners of Kor found easy prey in the wounded refugees. Typhon saw that his people would either be butchered or made chattel and so he did the only thing he could think of. Typhon found the leader of the prisoners and challenged him to a fight.


Despite the prison boss tossing dirty trick after dirty trick at him, Typhon won, killing the leader in front of his people. Holding his bloodied fists up, Typhon Vex declared himself leader of the people of Kor and Asphodel. He would lead them to their true destiny: to slay the foul Imperials who sentenced them to all to this fate!


Raider is a name that was adopted later by the people of Kor, who would ambush and destroy Imperial garrisons, bases, and transports. It was during one of these raids that Typhon would discover the Prometheus Device. With it he could fulfill his promised vengeance.


Faction Tier 1 Tier 2 Tier 3 Tier 4
Rarity Rare Epic Legendary Legendary
Acquisition Promotion Promotion Promotion Mutant Rewards
Faction raider large.png Raider Malika Yurich Typhon Vex Barracus Lord Silus

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