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During the collapse of the Imperial colonies a Western colony, Children of the Throne, disappeared. Many assumed they had decided to leave in order to avoid the bloodshed of the Splinter War. Scans of their camps, however, showed that they left much behind, only taking essentials with them.


The Children of the Throne had found an ancient, underground site when they were first exploring Acheron. With the dissolution of Imperial command, the leadership ordered its citizens take refuge, hidden in this archaic temple. Their leader had communed with the ancient technology within the temple.


Cloistered underground, the Children of the Throne were taught ancient and powerful secrets by the databases of the Pantheon. After extensive years of training, learning and purification the descendants of the Children of the Throne left their Pantheon and took the name Righteous.


The Righteous bring war to their enemies, the abominable Bloodthirsty. With a zeal unmatched by any other faction, the Righteous destroy any person or place sullied by the Blight. Using powerful energy weapons from the hidden tombs of the Pantheon, the wrath of the Righteous is to be feared.


Since their inception, the Righteous have spread quickly over Acheron. Imperial scientists theorize that the original Pantheon inhabited by the Children of the Throne has some sort of matter transportation technology that linked it with other, hidden Pantheons throughout Acheron.


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Rarity Rare Epic Legendary Legendary
Acquisition Promotion Promotion Promotion Mutant Rewards
Faction righteous large.png Righteous Maion Empress Alaric Constantine Arkadios

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