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Ghost Signals[]

The Xeno are a mystery to their enemies. When the nascent Imperials began to explore the stars they began receiving ghost signals from a nearby star. The Imperials, excited by the possibility that more life existed in the darkness of space, sent back transmissions. When a Xeno fleet arrived they knew they had made a mistake.

War Effort[]

The Imperials were faced with a threat never before imagined. Xeno ships were fast and their weapons were devastating. It was clear that they would lose this war quickly if something wasn't done. The creation of new weapons, vehicles, and ships finally gave the Imperials the edge they needed and they were able to defeat the invaders.


Since that first encounter Xeno have appeared in almost every sector of space the Imperials entered. What made Acheron such a fit home for colonization was that it appeared to be one of the rare sectors missing a Xeno presence. That, unfortunately, proved to be untrue.


The way Xenos pick over battlefields is... unsettling to say the least. Imperial scouts in Acheron have reported that small Xeno recon ships will land shortly after a battle is over and begin taking away the bodies of the dead, both their own and their enemies. What ultimate fate these corpses meet are unknown.

Razor Mountains[]

Geological disturbances have been reported from relays close to the Razor Mountain range. Imperial reports suggest the area has been inundated with Xeno activity, but no Xeno seem to be visible by reconnaissance jets. The fact that Xeno may be digging close to a Nexus has Imperial High Command worried.


Faction Tier 1 Tier 2 Tier 3 Tier 4
Rarity Rare Epic Legendary Legendary
Acquisition Promotion Promotion Promotion Mutant Rewards
Faction xeno large.png Xeno Terrogor Vyander Krellus Nexor Kylen

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