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  • Name: Excelsitus, High Admiral
  • Location: Xeno Homeworld
  • Energy: 100

Enemy Decks[]

L: level, A: attack, H: health, D:delay (timer)

Excelsitus1 25Enhance Poison 1Weaken 1
Ghost1 252Evade 1Pierce 2
Ghost1 252Evade 1Pierce 2
Vaporwing1 273Armor 1Jam every 4
Starformer1 5112Enfeeble All 1Poison 2Leech 4
Apex1 373Strike All 1Poison 1Leech 2
Tazerok1 151Heal Xeno 2Jam every 6
Stealthy Niaq1 341Evade 1Siege 1
Xeno Mothership1 1124Rally Xeno 2Weaken 1Siege 2
Zarak1 94WallHeal All Xeno 1Strike 1
Obsidian Construct1 143Protect Xeno 3Enfeeble 3Weaken 3
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After a 9th victory, all enemy cards are fully upgraded:

Excelsitus60Enhance Poison 2Rally All Xeno 2Weaken All 2
Ghost7102Evade 2Siege 5Pierce 6
Ghost7102Evade 2Siege 5Pierce 6
Vaporwing4153Evade 3Armor 3Jam every 2
Starformer6122Enfeeble All 2Poison 3Leech 5
Apex5153Strike All 2Poison 2Leech 4
Tazerok1111Heal Xeno 3Rally Xeno 2Jam every 5
Stealthy Niaq381Evade 2Siege 2Poison 2
Xeno Mothership3174Rally All Xeno 2Weaken All 1Siege 5
Zarak184WallHeal All Xeno 2Strike All 2
Obsidian Construct163Protect Xeno 5Enfeeble 4Weaken 4



Mission Text[]

The mission comes down to this, if Tabitha and Octane leave to soon the invasion will go on unhindered. If they leave too late, well they will be stuck in space surrounded by homeless Xeno.


Tabitha: That's it, all guns aim for Excelsitus. The Xeno invasion will end before it begins!