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Gore BrawlEdit

Period: 11/7/2014 - 11/10/2014

The Gore Brawl was the eighth Brawl in Tyrant Unleashed. It was the first Brawl to include PvP Reward Packs.

Battleground EffectEdit


Brawl RewardsEdit

Reward Rank
Rare Pack 1-50000
Reaver 1-25000
Epic Pack 1-20000
Brawl/Guild Epic 1-15000
Reaver 1-10000
Brawl/Guild Epic 1-7500
Marshall 1-5000
Brawl/Guild Legend 1-3500
Marshall 1-2500
Brawl/Guild Legend 1-1000
Destruction Reaver 1-500
Faress 1-200
Brawl/Guild Vindicator 1-100
Faress 1-50
Decorated Marshall 1-10
Farseer 1-3

Final RankingsEdit

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