Gore Uprising 5 << Missions >> Gore Typhon

  • Name: Gore Uprising 6
  • Location: Tartarus Depths
  • Energy: 90

Enemy DecksEdit

L: level, A: attack, H: health, D:delay (timer)

Brood Mother1 13Weaken 1
Annelid Mass1 141Leech 1
Banshee2 384Rally Bloodthirsty 1Weaken 1Leech 3
Locust Swarm2 342Counter 2Weaken 1
Feral Scorpion1 283Enfeeble 1
Scarab1 394Leech 3Weaken 1
Blight Crusher1 483Strike 1
Smog Tank1 241Weaken 1Poison 1
Shadow2 282Enfeeble 1
Malgoth1 1103Heal Bloodthirsty 1Rally All Bloodthirsty 1
Corpulent Barrier1 63WallHeal Bloodthirsty 1Rally Bloodthirsty 1
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After a 9th victory, all enemy cards are fully upgraded:
Brood Mother37Enhance Leech 1Rally All Bloodthirsty 1Weaken 2
Annelid Mass250Leech 1
Banshee384Rally All Bloodthirsty 1Weaken 2Leech 3
Locust Swarm442Counter 2Weaken 1
Feral Scorpion3103Evade 1Enfeeble 3
Scarab3124Leech 4Weaken All 1Berserk 1
Blight Crusher6143Rally Bloodthirsty 2Strike 3
Smog Tank381Weaken 1Pierce 2Poison 2
Shadow5132Counter 2Enfeeble 3Weaken 3
Malgoth4173Heal All Bloodthirsty 1Rally All Bloodthirsty 2
Corpulent Barrier83WallHeal Bloodthirsty 2Rally Bloodthirsty 2




Katana: I need to get out of here!

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