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Escape from Arctis Prison Harrowing Journey Unannounced Event

Event[edit | edit source]

Harrowing Journey was the twenty-fourth event in Tyrant Unleashed, running from August 8th, 2015 to August 31th.

Finishing level 10 of the boss mission in each part gives the reward card. Finishing level 50 gives a second copy so that they can be fused.

Event Box Boss Mission Reward Card Fused Reward Quad Reward
Part 1 Champion Box Osiris Observer Flora Observer -
Part 2 Brawn Box Horus Omenosis Omenotia Omenoxia
Part 3 Ancestor Box The Gateway Halesurge Haleflash Halerift
Part 4 Relic Box Gateway Campaign Wendigo Starving Wendigo Craving Wendigo
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