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The Legendary Quest is a long-term quest chain added on June 18th, 2015.

Each step in the quest must be completed before progress can be started on the next.

It rewards a Neocyte Core, which is used to fuse Commanders.

Discover the Secret[]

  • Collect 25 Cypher Scopes Cypherscope 3.png

Cypher Scopes drop from Missions, with higher energy missions having a better chance of dropping them.

Reward: 5 Sp.png

Show your Worth[]

Reward: 10 Sp.png

Discover its Location[]

Reward: 20 Sp.png

Prove your Dominance[]

  • Collect 100 Medals of Triumph Baronmedal 6.png

Medals of Triumph drop from Raids at level 5 and higher.

Reward: 30 Sp.png

Challenge the Great Beast[]

  • Collect 25 Mutant Hearts Korheart 7.png

Mutant Hearts drop from Mutant Missions. Higher level missions have a better chance of dropping them.

Reward: 40 Sp.png

Gather the Shards[]

  • Collect 150 Neocyte Shards Neocyteshard 4.png

Neocyte Shards drop from Brawl battles.

Reward: 50 Sp.png and Inert Neocyte Core

Power the Neocyte[]

Reward: 60 Sp.png and Neocyte Core