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  • Name: Mephistopheles
  • Location: Cavern of Blood
  • Energy: 100

Enemy DecksEdit

L: level, A: attack, H: health, D:delay (timer)

Mephistopheles1 30Enhance Counter 1Heal Bloodthirsty 2
Azmodius1 372Counter 2Strike 1Berserk 1
Azmodius1 372Counter 2Strike 1Berserk 1
Bulbous Slug1 3104Corrosive 1
Goblin1 381Corrosive 1
Searing Hellwing1 5132Evade 2Strike All 1Flurry every 6
Gehennic Infidel1 5203Evade 2Strike All 2Rally All Bloodthirsty 1
Schism Ogre1 7164Counter 3Berserk 2
Tarantalon1 2173Counter 2Heal All Bloodthirsty 1Strike 2
Hades1 293Evade 1Strike 2
Shapeshifter1 281Counter 1Pierce 3
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After a 9th victory, all enemy cards are fully upgraded:
Mephistopheles60Enhance Counter 3Heal Bloodthirsty 3Enfeeble All 2
Azmodius6202Counter 4Strike All 2Berserk 3
Azmodius6202Counter 4Strike All 2Berserk 3
Bulbous Slug5194Corrosive 3Poison 2Leech 5
Goblin5181Corrosive 4Rally All Bloodthirsty 2Pierce 6
Searing Hellwing6162Evade 2Strike All 1Flurry every 4
Gehennic Infidel5243Evade 3Strike All 3Rally All Bloodthirsty 3
Schism Ogre9184Counter 4Berserk 3
Tarantalon3263Counter 4Heal All Bloodthirsty 3Strike 4
Hades5153Evade 1Strike 5Leech 3
Shapeshifter3101Counter 2Heal Bloodthirsty 2Pierce 4




Yurich: Watch out! This creature seems to be controlling the other Bloodthirsty.

Octane: Domino effect, kill the leader and the rest will follow - this is our way out, don't hold back!

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