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==Enemy Decks==
==Enemy Decks==
**[[Malika]] L1
*Assault Cards
**[[Headhunter]] L2
**[[Bombardment Tanks]] L1
|Bombardment Tanks|1
**[[Combat Specialist]] L2
|Combat Specialist|2
**[[Scorpinox]] L1
**[[Blitz Armor]] L1
|Blitz Armor|1
**[[Mortar Mech]] L1
|Mortar Mech|1
|Shrapnel Engine|1
*Structure Cards
**[[Shrapnel Engine]] L1
|Shrapnel Engine|2
**[[Shrapnel Engine]] L2

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Mission 12 << Missions >> Mission 14

  • Name: 13. At the Gates
  • Location: Ashrock
  • Energy: 25

Enemy Decks[]

L: level, A: attack, H: health, D:delay (timer)

Malika1 6Strike 1
Headhunter2 262Rally Raider 1
Bombardment Tanks1
Combat Specialist2 342Weaken 1Pierce 2
Scorpinox1 443Siege 1
Blitz Armor1 353Armor 1Rally Raider 1
Mortar Mech1 474Strike 1Siege 1Pierce 1
Shrapnel Engine1 32Strike 1Siege 1
Shrapnel Engine2 52Strike 1Siege 1
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After a 9th victory, all enemy cards are fully upgraded:

Malika15Counter 1Heal Raider 1Strike 1
Headhunter262Rally Raider 2
Bombardment Tanks
Combat Specialist362Weaken 1Pierce 3
Scorpinox553Counter 1Siege 2Poison 1
Blitz Armor362Armor 2Rally Raider 3
Mortar Mech494Strike 2Siege 2Pierce 2
Shrapnel Engine52Strike 1Siege 2
Shrapnel Engine52Strike 1Siege 2




Halcyon: Damn! They've entrenched themselves outside the base. We'll have to blast our way through!