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  • Name: 39. Nexus
  • Location: Wasteland
  • Energy: 48

Enemy Decks

L: level, A: attack, H: health, D:delay (timer)

Typhon Vex4 35Enhance All Berserk 1Rally Raider 1Siege All 1
Headhunter1 242Rally Raider 1
Dread Panzer2 574Counter 1
Combat Specialist2 342Weaken 1Pierce 2
Carbine3 473Counter 2Strike 1
Carbine3 473Counter 2Strike 1
Havoc3 372Counter 1Pierce 3
Havoc4 482Counter 1Pierce 3
Omega2 161Strike 1Weaken 1Siege 2
Shrapnel Engine2 52Strike 1Siege 1
Missile Silo3 94Strike 3Siege 3
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After a 9th victory, all enemy cards are fully upgraded:
Typhon Vex50Enhance All Berserk 1Rally Raider 3Siege All 1
Headhunter262Rally Raider 2
Dread Panzer594Counter 2
Combat Specialist362Weaken 1Pierce 3
Carbine483Counter 2Strike All 1
Carbine483Counter 2Strike All 1
Havoc5112Counter 2Pierce 3
Havoc5112Counter 2Pierce 3
Omega3101Strike 2Weaken 2Siege 3
Shrapnel Engine52Strike 1Siege 2
Missile Silo123Strike 4Siege 4




Typhon Vex: Try as you might, Halcyon, you and this world will burn!

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