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Multiverse Brawl[]

Period: 9/19/2014 - 9/22/2014

The Multiverse Brawl was the fifth Brawl in Tyrant Unleashed.

Battleground Effect[]

Day Name Effect
1 Blood Lust All Leech skills are Enhanced by 2.
2 Fervent Decay All Corrosive skills are Enhanced by 2.
3 Fiery Rage All Berserk skills are Enhanced by 2.

Brawl Rewards[]

Reward Rank
Rare Pack 1-50000
Fanatic 1-25000
Fanatic 1-10000
Epic Pack 1-7500
Quake 1-5000
Quake 1-2000
Reckless Fanatic 1-500
Tygarm 1-200
Epic Pack 1-100
Tygarm 1-50
Obstructing Quake 1-10
Tygarm Resolute 1-3

Final Rankings[]