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  • Name: Pandemonium
  • Location: Sulfuris Acid Pits
  • Energy: 100

Enemy DecksEdit

L: level, A: attack, H: health, D:delay (timer)

Pandemonium1 25Enhance Corrosive 1Enfeeble 1
Sulfuris Depot1 184WallCorrosive 3Rally All Raider 1
Malefactor1 2101Pierce 1Poison 2
Outrider1 192Valor 3Pierce 2
Causticon1 4183Corrosive 1Strike 1
Drum Zulficar1 2142Armor 3Pierce 4Berserk 1
Rolling Typhoon1 5153Corrosive 1Rally Raider 3Flurry every 5
Stomper1 5132Corrosive 1Strike 2Pierce 4
Cyborg Sentinel1 3111Corrosive 1Enfeeble 1Jam every 7
Tracker1 1134Pierce 3Poison 1
Flame Spewer1 3143Corrosive 1Weaken 1Poison 2
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After a 9th victory, all enemy cards are fully upgraded:
Pandemonium60Enhance All Corrosive 2Protect All Raider 2Enfeeble All 2
Sulfuris Depot284WallCorrosive 6Rally All Raider 3
Malefactor4161Enfeeble 3Pierce 3Poison 7
Outrider4182Valor 7Pierce 5Berserk 3
Causticon6243Corrosive 5Strike 2Flurry every 2
Drum Zulficar3172Armor 4Pierce 6Berserk 3
Rolling Typhoon6173Corrosive 2Rally Raider 4Flurry every 4
Stomper6142Corrosive 2Strike 3Pierce 5
Cyborg Sentinel3141Corrosive 2Enfeeble 1Jam every 6
Tracker2204Pierce 5Inhibit 1Poison 3
Flame Spewer4173Corrosive 2Weaken All 2Poison 4




Yurich: Raiders, retreat! I will not forget this day, you can handle the weapon yourselves - but we will have our vengeance on the Forsaken.

Octane: The machine is attacking. Evasive maneuvers, strike back at its core and turn this hunk of metal into scrap!

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