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Phobos Rising was the sixth event in Tyrant Unleashed, running from Febuary 20th, 2014 to March 13th.

Finishing level 10 of the boss mission in each part gives the a reward card. Finishing level 50 gives a second copy so that they can be fused.

Event Box Boss Mission Reward Card Fused Reward Fusion Level 2
Part 1 Betrayal Box General Agmeus Pantheon Progeny Pantheon Disciple Pantheon Zealot
Part 2 Research Box Vargas Rampage Rampage Rumbler -
Part 3 Purger Box GDR-5000 Auger Auger Bore -



Unlocked after Mission 14

Mission Energy Artifact Artifact Name Gold GpE Reward Card Quest 1 Quest 5 Quest 10 Quest 50
Impending Launch25Silver Baron MedalSilver Baron Medal271.08Invasion Blockade100 gold150 gold200 gold
Dual Threat27Silver Baron MedalSilver Baron Medal301.1111Bazooka Marine
Persistence30Gold Baron MedalGold Baron Medal331.1Barrage Tank
New Threat33Gold Baron MedalGold Baron Medal361.0909Medic100 gold150 gold200 gold
Top Priority35Red Baron MedalRed Baron Medal381.0857Swift Troops
Setting the Trap40Red Baron MedalRed Baron Medal441.1Boot Camp
Surround45Gray Baron MedalGray Baron Medal491.0889Trap Setter100 gold150 gold200 gold
General Agmeus50Gray Baron MedalGray Baron Medal601.2Twinblade250 gold500 gold500 gold + Pantheon ProgenyPantheon Progeny
Red Maw's Decline50Silver Baron MedalSilver Baron Medal551.1Invasion Blockade100 gold150 gold200 gold
Calculated Risk55Silver Baron MedalSilver Baron Medal601.0909Medic
Secrets Unveiled60Gold Baron MedalGold Baron Medal661.1Trap Setter
Project Purger60Gold Baron MedalGold Baron Medal661.1Boot Camp100 gold150 gold200 gold
A True Monster65Red Baron MedalRed Baron Medal711.0923Rally Infantry
Accelerated Production70Red Baron MedalRed Baron Medal771.1Revolver
Death's Doorstep75Gray Baron MedalGray Baron Medal821.0933Swift Troops100 gold150 gold200 gold
Vargas75Bronze Baron MedalBronze Baron Medal901.2Terminator250 gold500 gold500 gold + RampageRampage
Cry Havoc75Silver Baron MedalSilver Baron Medal821.0933Revolver100 gold150 gold200 gold + 10 GP
Impending Doom80Silver Baron MedalSilver Baron Medal881.1Barrage Tank200 gold + 10 GP
Risk Worth Taking85Gold Baron MedalGold Baron Medal931.0941Medic200 gold + 10 GP
Glaring Weakness85Gold Baron MedalGold Baron Medal931.0941Trap Setter100 gold150 gold200 gold + 10 GP
One Chance90Red Baron MedalRed Baron Medal991.1Boot Camp200 gold + 10 GP
Ominous Charge90Gray Baron MedalGray Baron Medal991.1Swift Troops200 gold + 10 GP
Fallen Comrade95Bronze Baron MedalBronze Baron Medal1041.0947Dreadnaught100 gold150 gold200 gold + 10 GP
GDR-5000100White Baron MedalWhite Baron Medal1201.2Regeneration Bay250 gold + 10 GP500 gold + 25 GP500 gold + 50 GP + Auger200 GP + Auger
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