Tyrant Unleashed Wiki

List of active simulators for Tyrant Unleashed.

Tyrant Unleashed Optimizer[]

A very fast native windows (or linux or Mac OSX) sim can be found here. Download and open file to begin sim. All source code is open for viewing and collaboration. This version is no longer actively developed, and outdated in some respects.

An actively developed fork with very similar user interface can be found here, with PC-executables here, and OS X and (64-bit) Linux executables here.

Blah's Sim[]

.Net one. Requires Windows/.Net 4.0

Simulator, Gauntlet, Inventory, Best Order, Best 1st Card, War structures, War Skill Enhance, Direct Cards/Missions update from game servers, etc...

Last update - 04/09/2015


Added Talos raid

Added Avenge skill

Fixed crash if cards.xml contains more than 3 skills

Fixed Valor activates on SECOND turn, causing underevaluation of valor cards

Fixed wrong CR in deck evaluation results

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