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==Turn Breakdown==
==See also==
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==Skill Targeting==
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==Skill Attributes==
Most skills have one or more attributes that change the effects of the skill. Not every attribute can appear on any skill - only certain combinations are allowed.
Attributes affect how a skill is written on a card - the format is:
SKILLNAME (N) (S) (to S2) (All) (Y) (X) (every C)
No skill uses all of these attributes at once. Unused attributes are not displayed.
'''X''' is the most common attribute. It is an integer, and it controls the magnitude of the skill's effect. For example, [[Strike]] 2 does 2 damage, while Strike 3 deals 3 damage. For some defensive skills like [[Evade]] and [[Payback]], it instead controls how many times they may activate per round.
All skills use the X attribute except for [[Evolve]], [[Flurry]], [[Jam]], [[Overload]] and [[Wall]].
'''Y''' controls which [[faction]]s can be targeted by the skill. It is either nothing or the name of a faction. Having no Y attribute means that a skill can target assaults of any faction. For example, [[Heal]] 2 can target any assault, even if it is a different faction than the card that used it. If Y is set to a faction, only assaults of that faction or [[Progenitor]]s can be targeted. [[Rally]] [[Imperial]] 2 can only target Imperials and Progenitors. At the moment, no skills that specifically target [[Progenitor]]s exist.
Only friendly-target Activation skills can have the Y attribute. Those skills currently include [[Heal]], [[Protect]], [[Rally]], and [[Overload]].
The '''All''' attribute allows skills to target all available targets instead of one at random. For example, [[Strike]] All 1 hits every enemy assault instead of a single random one. [[Protect]] All [[Imperial]] 1 will give Protect to all of your [[Imperial]]s and [[Progenitor]]s, not just one.
Any activation skill can have the All attribute. Currently those skills are [[Enfeeble]], [[Enhance]], [[Evolve]], [[Heal]], [[Jam]], [[Overload]], [[Protect]], [[Rally]], [[Siege]], [[Strike]], and [[Weaken]].
The '''C''' attribute limits how often skills can be used. It is often used on skills that would be too powerful if they could be used every turn.
Currently only [[Jam]] and [[Flurry]] use C.
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The '''S''' attribute is used by skills that affect other skills, and controls which skill is affected by the skill with this attribute.
Currently, only [[Enhance]] and [[Evolve]] use S.
The '''S2''' attribute is currently only used by [[Evolve]], and indicates what skill the evolved skill becomes.

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