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(TRIGGER) NAME (CARD_ID) (N) (ALL) (S) (S2) (Y) (X) (C)

TRIGGER Overrides skill trigger condition.
NAME Activated skill.
CARD_ID Used by Summon to idicates what card will be introduced into battle.
N Indicates a specific number of cards that the skill targets; this is instead of the skill affecting "all". For example Overload 2 applies the Overload effect to two Assault cards.
ALL Same as if N would be equal to the amount of all available targets. For example Strike All 1 hits every enemy Assault instead of a single random one. Protect All Imperial 1 will give Protect to all of your Imperials and Progenitors, not just one.
S Indicates which skill will be affected.
S2 Used by Evolve to indicates what skill the evolved skill becomes.
Y Controls which factions can be targeted by the skill. It is either nothing or the name of a faction. Having no Y attribute means that a skill can target Assaults of any faction. For example, Heal 2 can target any Assault, even if it is a different faction than the card that used it. If Y is set to a faction, only Assaults of that faction or Progenitors can be targeted. Rally Imperial 2 can only target Imperials and Progenitors. At the moment, no skills that specifically target Progenitors exist.
X Controls the magnitude of the skill's effect. For example, Strike 2 does 2 damage, while Strike 3 deals 3 damage. For some defensive skills like Evade and Payback, it instead controls how many times they may activate per round.
C Limits how often skills can be used. It is often used on skills that would be too powerful if they could be used every turn.
  • Active offence/defence.
  • Triggers during the card's turn, before attack.
  • Skill user must be combat-ready.
  • Passive offence/defence.
  • Triggers when the card is targeted by attack or Activation skill.
  • Skill user doesn't have to be combat-ready.
Combat Modifier
  • Alters the card's attack behaviour.
  • Triggers when the card's attack deals non-zero damage.
  • Activates when specific conditions are met.
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Reveal Wall
Reveal Armor
Reveal Counter
Reveal Heal
Reveal Rally
Reveal Strike
Reveal Weaken
Reveal Siege
Reveal Pierce
Reveal Poison
Reveal Leech
Reveal Evade
Reveal Berserk
Reveal Enfeeble
Reveal Protect
Reveal Enhance
Reveal Jam
Reveal Corrosive
Reveal Rupture
Reveal Rush
Reveal Flying
Reveal Inhibit
Reveal Flurry
Reveal Valor
Reveal Overload
Reveal Legion
Reveal Payback
Reveal Avenge
Reveal Refresh
Reveal Evolve
Reveal Venom
Reveal Mend
Reveal Mortar
Reveal Swipe
Reveal Sunder
Reveal Enrage
Reveal Allegiance
Reveal Drain
Reveal Stasis
Reveal Revenge
Reveal Mimic
Reveal Coalition
Reveal Sabotage
Reveal Barrier
Reveal Entrap
Reveal Subdue
Reveal Tribute
Reveal Summon
Reveal Bravey
Reveal Absorb
Reveal Disease
Reveal Mark
Reveal Fortify
Reveal Hunt
Reveal Scavenge
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Conceal Wall
Wall 3000

Intercepts attack damage dealt to the Commander.

  • For Structures only.
  • Incoming attack is entirely redirected from Commander onto the skill wielder.

Conceal Armor
Armor X 4000

Reduces damage dealt to this by each attack.

  • For Assaults only.
  • Does not affect Swipe.

Conceal Counter
Counter X 6000

When damaged by an attack, deals damage to attacker.

  • Will not activate if wielder's health remained intact.
  • Triggers before Leech.

Conceal Heal
Heal TRIGGER ALL Y X 105000

Heals an allied Assault.

  • Targets only wounded Assault units.

Conceal Rally
Rally TRIGGER ALL Y X 107000

Increases attack of an allied Assault.

  • Targets only Assaults that can act this turn.
  • Lasts until the end of the turn.
  • Stackable.

Conceal Strike
Strike TRIGGER ALL X 109000

Deals damage to an enemy Assault.

Conceal Weaken
Weaken TRIGGER ALL X 111000

Reduces attack of an enemy Assault.

  • Targets only Assaults who will be able to attack during next turn.
  • Lasts until the end of next turn.
  • Stackable.

Conceal Siege
Siege TRIGGER ALL X 112000

Deals damage to an enemy Structure.

Conceal Pierce
Pierce X 152000

Reduces the effect of damage prevention on attack damage.

Conceal Poison
Poison X 202000

After dealing attack damage, permanently inflicts Poison, dealing damage at the end of every turn.

  • Damage is applied at the end of player's turn.
  • Overrides itself for stronger effect.

Conceal Leech
Leech X 203000

After dealing attack damage to an Assault, heals self.

  • Heals for dealt damage(even if overflowed) or X, whichever is less.
  • Leech heals after Counter damage is dealt.

Conceal Evade
Evade X 1000

Avoids enemy skills.

  • X is how many times the card can nullify enemy skills each player's turn.
  • Only evades Activation skills.

Conceal Berserk
Berserk X 204000

After dealing attack damage, permanently increases attack.

Conceal Enfeeble
Enfeeble TRIGGER ALL X 108000

Inflicts Enfeeble on an enemy Assault, causing it to take increased damage from each instance of damage.

  • Stacks with itself and Protected.
  • Lasts until the end of the player's turn.

Conceal Protect
Protect TRIGGER ALL Y X 106000

Reduces damage dealt to an allied Assault for each instance of damage.

  • Stacks with iself and other icome damage modifying effects.
  • Lasts until the end of the opponent's next turn.

Conceal Enhance
Enhance TRIGGER N ALL S X 101000

Increase power of skill on an allied Assault.

  • Lasts until the end of the opponent's next turn.
  • Effect persists through Evolve.

Conceal Jam
Jam TRIGGER N ALL C 110000

Enemy Assault doesn't attack or use activation skills next turn. Cools down between activations.

  • Targets Assaults that will be able to act next turn.
  • Lasts until the end of the opponent's next turn.
  • Cooldown triggers only upon succesful activation.

Conceal Corrosive
Corrosive X 7010

When damaged by an attack, inflicts Corrosive on attacker, causing loss of attack after each attack. Removed after a failure to attack.

  • Will not activate if wielder's health remained intact.
  • After effect is gone attack is restored to its original amount along with permanent attack bonuses.
  • Berserk is applied before Corroded.
  • Overrides itself for stronger effect.

Conceal Inhibit
Inhibit X 201000

At turn start, inflicts Inhibit on opposing Assault, causing it to avoid allied skills.

  • X is the number of friendly skills avoided.
  • Lasts until the end of the opponent's next turn.
  • Overrides itself for stronger effect.(?)
  • Does not prevent Overload.

Conceal Flurry
Flurry X C 251000

After attacking, activate skills and attack again. Cools down between activations.

  • Also triggers effects that occur when wielder starts and ends action.
  • Inability to attack does not prevent skill activation.
  • Each attack triggers damage-dependent and on-hit abilities.

Conceal Valor
Valor X 51000

On first activation, if opposing Assault has more attack, permanently increases attack.

  • For Assaults only.
  • Fails if there is no card opposing this Assault.
  • Counts current attack of both cards, including modifiers from skills.
  • Checks attack of valor unit at start of turn (before rally from friendly skills).

Conceal Overload
Overload TRIGGER N ALL Y 103000

Ally Assaults cannot have targeted skills avoided or prevented.

  • Lasts until end of player's turn.
  • Activation skills of Overloaded Assaults ignore Evade, Protected,and Inhibited.
  • Overload itself can be avoided if the activator is not Overloaded.
  • Only targets Assaults with Enfeeble, Jam, Siege, Strike or Weaken.
  • Can target Inhibited allies.
  • Only targets active Assaults that have not acted yet this turn.
  • Affects only Activation.
  • Does not target overloaded allies.

Conceal Legion
Legion X 151000

Deals additional attack damage for each other allied Assault of the same Faction.

  • Allied Assaults have to be adjacent.

Conceal Payback
Payback X 2000

Enemy Assault skills that target this also target the user of that skill.

  • X is the amount of activations per turn.
  • Only Assault Activation skills are affected.
  • For Assaults only.
  • Paybacked skill cannot be Evaded or Paybacked.
  • Triggers before wielder's death.
  • Evade triggers first, therefore subsequent Payback will not activate.
  • Can affect Mimiced skills, but not Mimic itself.

Conceal Avenge
Avenge X 5000

When a friendly Assault dies, permanently increases attack and max health. Half effect for non-adjacents.

  • For Assaults only.
  • Triggers before Swipe.
  • Stacks with itself and other similar effects.
  • Both max and current health are affected.
  • Will not trigger if wielder killed during "all" attack.

Conceal Refresh
Refresh X 203001

At end of your turn, heals self.

  • Triggers before Poison.
  • Unaffected by Flurry.

Conceal Evolve
Evolve TRIGGER N ALL S S2 102000

Friendly Assault with S changes that skill to S2 until next turn.

  • Lasts until the end of the opponent's next turn.
  • Targets only Assaults with S, but without S2.
  • Evolve can target inactive Assaults if S2 will trigger.
  • Enhance effect is carried over.
  • Only following Evolve combinations are available for player cards:
    • Strike-Rupture
    • Weaken-Sunder
    • Siege-Mortar
    • Pierce-Rupture
    • Leech-Refresh
    • Poison-Venom
    • Payback-Revenge
    • Swipe-Drain

Conceal Venom
Venom X 202001

If enemy is poisoned, deal additional attack damage. Then permanently inflict Poison.

Conceal Mend
Mend TRIGGER X 104000

Heals adjacent Assaults.

  • Heals each adjacent assault.
  • For Assaults only.

Conceal Mortar
Mortar TRIGGER ALL X 112001

Deals damage to an enemy Structure or half damage to an enemy Assault if no Structures.

  • Damage received by Assaults is rounded up.

Conceal Swipe
Swipe X 153000

After attacking an enemy Assault, deal damage to the adjacent enemy Assaults.

  • Avenge will trigger before Swipe, but after Attack.
  • Adjacent enemies take untargeted skill damage.

Conceal Sunder
Sunder TRIGGER ALL X 111001

Reduces attack of an enemy Assault and it can't increase attack or deal increased damage.

  • Targets only Assaults who will be able to attack during next turn.
  • Lasts until the end of next turn.
  • Does not affect already applied permanent Attack bonuses.
  • Does not prevent Flurry and Swipe.
  • Prevents Valor, Allegiance, Legion, Coalition, and Berserk.
  • Prevents targeting by Rally.
  • Rupture and Venom will not do additional damage.
  • Enrage will fail to apply Berserk.
  • Will not deal additional attack damage to Enfeebled enemies.

Conceal Enrage
Enrage TRIGGER N ALL Y X 107500

Allied Assault gains Berserk.

  • Stacks with itself and other similar effects.
  • The Enraged status is removed at the end of the Assault’s turn.
  • Targets only cards that are able to attack.
  • Will fail on Sundered target.

Conceal Allegiance
Allegiance X 55000

When you play another card of this Faction, permanently increases attack and max health.

  • For Assaults only.
  • Sundered cards will only gain health.
  • Both max and current health are affected.

Conceal Drain
Drain X 153000

After attacking, Swipes and then heals this unit for the total amount of damage dealt by Swipe and Attack.

  • Works like Swipe+Leech

Conceal Stasis
Stasis X 4800

When this or another Assault of the same faction is played, Protects it until it activates.

  • For Assaults only.
  • Stackable.
  • Affects each instance of damage.
  • Overloaded will ignore damage reduction effect.
  • Cannot be Inhibited.

Conceal Revenge
Revenge X 2001

Enemy Assault skills that target this also target the user of that skill and adjacent Assaults.

  • Behaves like Payback.
  • Targeting all available targets spends only 1 charge.

Conceal Mimic
Mimic TRIGGER X C 113000

Activate an enemy Assault's Activated skill using Mimic's power. Ignores Faction restrictions and cooldown.

  • Enhance, Evolve, Rush, Mend(For non-Assault Activator) and Mimic will not be Mimiced.
  • Overloaded status and N can be Mimiced.
  • Can target skills with "On Attacked" triggers.

Conceal Coalition
Coalition X 152000

Deals additional attack damage for each different faction among allied Assaults.

  • Wielder's faction is included.
  • Extra damage cannot increase attack from 0, but can help penetrate Armor and Protect

Conceal Sabotage
Sabotage X 201500

At turn start, inflicts Sabotage on opposing Assault, reducing the power of its Activation skills.

  • Only affects X parameter.
  • Traget's X can be Enhanced from 0.
  • Lasts until the end of the opponent’s next turn.

Conceal Barrier
Barrier X 55500

At the end of each action, Protects self for each instance of damage taken during that action.

  • Cannot be triggered by Poison damage.
  • Counter and Paybacked Strike do trigger Barrier, and it lasts until the end of the opponent’s next turn.

Conceal Entrap
Entrap TRIGGER N ALL Y X 107501

Allied Assault gains Counter.

  • Lasts until the end of opponent’s turn.
  • Stackable with itself and similar effects.
  • Assaults with Entrap can target themselves.

Conceal Subdue
Subdue X 7000

When damaged by an attack, permanently inflicts Subdue, reducing permanent attack and max HP increases.

  • Stackable.
  • Affects stacked value instead of each effect individually.
  • Affects both current and future bonuses.

Conceal Tribute
Tribute X 2002

Friendly Assault skills that target this unit also target the user of that skill.

  • X idndicates how many times Tributecan activate.
  • Discards targeting and faction modifiers from Tributed skill.
  • Inhibit can block Tributed skill and fail Tribute activation.
  • Tributed skills cannot be Tributed.

Conceal Summon
Summon TRIGGER CARD_ID C 51100

Summons a card to the right of your rightmost card.

  • Cannot be Mimiced.
  • Triggers only once.
  • Does not trigger Allegiance.
  • Summoned cards receive Stasis.

Conceal Bravey
Bravery X 51110

At turn start, if the opposing Assault has higher attack, permanently increases attack.

  • Triggers after "On Play" skills.
  • Compares only current attack value.

Conceal Absorb
Absorb X 51111

Absorbs damage dealt by enemy skills each turn.

  • Refreshes at the start of the card’s turn, at the same time as Valor, before BGEs, commander skills, and On Play skills.
  • Refreshes back to its starting value.
  • Evade triggers first.

Conceal Disease
Disease X 201510

At turn start, permanently inflicts Disease on opposing Assault, reducing healing and max health increases received.

  • Permanent.
  • Stacks with itself and other Max HP effects.
  • Can cured out by positive Max HP effect.
  • Affects only consequent Max HP increases.
  • Triggers before Subdue.

Conceal Mark
Mark X 204002

After attacking an Assault, inflicts Mark, causing it to take increased damage from each attack.

  • Stacks with itself.
  • Permanent.
  • Not affected by Sabotage and cannot be Mimiced or Evaded.

Conceal Fortify
Fortify TRIGGER X 104001

Permanently increases the maximum health of adjacent Assaults.

  • Stacks with itself and other maximum HP increases.
  • For Assaults only.
  • Can only be mimiced by Assaults.

Conceal Hunt
Hunt X 153000

After attacking, deals damage to the leftmost enemy Assault.

  • Acts as a separate instance of damage.
  • Hunt is non-targeting skill damage and is not affected by Armor, Evade, or Revenge.
  • Activates only when attacking an Assault.
  • Activates after Swipe/Drain.

Conceal Scavenge
Scavenge X 5010

When another card dies, permanently increases max health.

Reveal Rupture
Rupture X 152001

Deals additional attack damage and reduces the effect of damage prevention on attack damage.

  • Obtained by Evolving from Pierce.
  • First updates opponent's damage prevention stats, then deals additional damage.

Reveal Rush
Rush 103500

Reduces an allied Assault’s delay by 1.

  • Unobtainable.
  • Only targets unactivated Assaults.
  • Triggers only once unless wielded by Commander.
  • Can trigger target's Valor.

Reveal Rush
Flying 1

Attacks are dodged 50% of the time, but never when you want it to.

  • Gilian Shardkeeper has this skill and can be fused from [Vindicator Reactor, 2x Gil's Shard]

IMportant Notes[]

  • Cards take their turn in the following order:
    1. Commander cards
    2. Structure cards (from left to right)
    3. Assault cards (from left to right)
  • Cards use Activation skills written on them from top to bottom during their turn, before their normal attack.
  • Cards with 0 attack will not trigger skills that require attack action.
  • If attack damage is negated, the consequent effects targeting that card, like Leech or Poison, will not come into play.
  • Attack cannot go lower than 0 and health cannot go higher than card's maximum health.
  • Skill effects stack additively. Imagine as if Disease 5 and Scavenge 7 effects interact as -5+7=+2 Max HP.
  • Targeting is performed on tet-a-tet basis, therefore Payback will always reciprocate only to the skill user.


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