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(TRIGGER) NAME (CARD_ID) (N) (ALL) (S) (S2) (Y) (X) (C)

TRIGGER Overrides skill trigger condition.
NAME Activated skill.
CARD_ID Used by Summon to idicates what card will be introduced into battle.
N Indicates a specific number of cards that the skill targets; this is instead of the skill affecting "all". For example Overload 2 applies the Overload effect to two Assault cards.
ALL Same as if N would be equal to the amount of all available targets. For example Strike All 1 hits every enemy Assault instead of a single random one. Protect All Imperial 1 will give Protect to all of your Imperials and Progenitors, not just one.
S Indicates which skill will be affected.
S2 Used by Evolve to indicates what skill the evolved skill becomes.
Y Controls which factions can be targeted by the skill. It is either nothing or the name of a faction. Having no Y attribute means that a skill can target Assaults of any faction. For example, Heal 2 can target any Assault, even if it is a different faction than the card that used it. If Y is set to a faction, only Assaults of that faction or Progenitors can be targeted. Rally Imperial 2 can only target Imperials and Progenitors. At the moment, no skills that specifically target Progenitors exist.
X Controls the magnitude of the skill's effect. For example, Strike 2 does 2 damage, while Strike 3 deals 3 damage. For some defensive skills like Evade and Payback, it instead controls how many times they may activate per round.
C Limits how often skills can be used. It is often used on skills that would be too powerful if they could be used every turn.
  • Active offence/defence.
  • Triggers during the card's turn, before attack.
  • Skill user must be combat-ready.
  • Passive offence/defence.
  • Triggers when the card is targeted by attack or Activation skill.
  • Skill user doesn't have to be combat-ready.
Combat Modifier
  • Alters the card's attack behaviour.
  • Triggers when the card's attack deals non-zero damage.
  • Activates when specific conditions are met.
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Wall 3000

Intercepts attack damage dealt to the Commander.

  • For Structures only.
  • Incoming attack is entirely redirected from Commander onto the skill wielder.

Armor X 4000

Reduces damage dealt to this by each attack.

  • For Assaults only.
  • Does not affect Swipe.

Counter X 6000

When damaged by an attack, deals damage to attacker.

  • Will not activate if wielder's health remained intact.
  • Triggers before Leech.

Heal TRIGGER ALL Y X 105000

Heals an allied Assault.

  • Targets only wounded Assault units.

Rally TRIGGER ALL Y X 107000

Increases attack of an allied Assault.

  • Targets only Assaults that can act this turn.
  • Lasts until the end of the turn.
  • Stackable.

Strike TRIGGER ALL X 109000

Deals damage to an enemy Assault.

Weaken TRIGGER ALL X 111000

Reduces attack of an enemy Assault.

  • Targets only Assaults who will be able to attack during next turn.
  • Lasts until the end of next turn.
  • Stackable.

Siege TRIGGER ALL X 112000

Deals damage to an enemy Structure.

Pierce X 152000

Reduces the effect of damage prevention on attack damage.

Poison X 202000

After dealing attack damage, permanently inflicts Poison, dealing damage at the end of every turn.

  • Damage is applied at the end of player's turn.
  • Overrides itself for stronger effect.

Leech X 203000

After dealing attack damage to an Assault, heals self.

  • Heals for dealt damage(even if overflowed) or X, whichever is less.
  • Leech heals after Counter damage is dealt.

Evade X 1000

Avoids enemy skills.

  • X is how many times the card can nullify enemy skills each player's turn.
  • Only evades Activation skills.

Berserk X 204000

After dealing attack damage, permanently increases attack.

Enfeeble TRIGGER ALL X 108000

Inflicts Enfeeble on an enemy Assault, causing it to take increased damage from each instance of damage.

  • Stacks with itself and Protected.
  • Lasts until the end of the player's turn.

Protect TRIGGER ALL Y X 106000

Reduces damage dealt to an allied Assault for each instance of damage.

  • Stacks with iself and other icome damage modifying effects.
  • Lasts until the end of the opponent's next turn.

Enhance TRIGGER N ALL S X 101000

Increase power of skill on an allied Assault.

  • Lasts until the end of the opponent's next turn.
  • Effect persists through Evolve.

Jam TRIGGER N ALL C 110000

Enemy Assault doesn't attack or use activation skills next turn. Cools down between activations.

  • Targets Assaults that will be able to act next turn.
  • Lasts until the end of the opponent's next turn.
  • Cooldown triggers only upon succesful activation.

Corrosive X 7010

When damaged by an attack, inflicts Corrosive on attacker, causing loss of attack after each attack. Removed after a failure to attack.

  • Will not activate if wielder's health remained intact.
  • After effect is gone attack is restored to its original amount along with permanent attack bonuses.
  • Berserk is applied before Corroded.
  • Overrides itself for stronger effect.

Inhibit X 201000

At turn start, inflicts Inhibit on opposing Assault, causing it to avoid allied skills.

  • X is the number of friendly skills avoided.
  • Lasts until the end of the opponent's next turn.
  • Overrides itself for stronger effect.(?)
  • Does not prevent Overload.

Flurry X C 251000

After attacking, activate skills and attack again. Cools down between activations.

  • Also triggers effects that occur when wielder starts and ends action.
  • Inability to attack does not prevent skill activation.
  • Each attack triggers damage-dependent and on-hit abilities.

Valor X 51000

On first activation, if opposing Assault has more attack, permanently increases attack.

  • For Assaults only.
  • Fails if there is no card opposing this Assault.
  • Counts current attack of both cards, including modifiers from skills.
  • Checks attack of valor unit at start of turn (before rally from friendly skills).

Overload TRIGGER N ALL Y 103000

Ally Assaults cannot have targeted skills avoided or prevented.

  • Lasts until end of player's turn.
  • Activation skills of Overloaded Assaults ignore Evade, Protected,and Inhibited.
  • Overload itself can be avoided if the activator is not Overloaded.
  • Only targets Assaults with Enfeeble, Jam, Siege, Strike or Weaken.
  • Can target Inhibited allies.
  • Only targets active Assaults that have not acted yet this turn.
  • Affects only Activation.
  • Does not target overloaded allies.

Legion X 151000

Deals additional attack damage for each other allied Assault of the same Faction.

  • Allied Assaults have to be adjacent.

Payback X 2000

Enemy Assault skills that target this also target the user of that skill.

  • X is the amount of activations per turn.
  • Only Assault Activation skills are affected.
  • For Assaults only.
  • Paybacked skill cannot be Evaded or Paybacked.
  • Triggers before wielder's death.
  • Evade triggers first, therefore subsequent Payback will not activate.
  • Can affect Mimiced skills, but not Mimic itself.

Avenge X 5000

When a friendly Assault dies, permanently increases attack and max health. Half effect for non-adjacents.

  • For Assaults only.
  • Triggers before Swipe.
  • Stacks with itself and other similar effects.
  • Both max and current health are affected.
  • Will not trigger if wielder killed during "all" attack.

Refresh X 203001

At end of your turn, heals self.

  • Triggers before Poison.
  • Unaffected by Flurry.

Evolve TRIGGER N ALL S S2 102000

Friendly Assault with S changes that skill to S2 until next turn.

  • Lasts until the end of the opponent's next turn.
  • Targets only Assaults with S, but without S2.
  • Evolve can target inactive Assaults if S2 will trigger.
  • Enhance effect is carried over.
  • Only following Evolve combinations are available for player cards:
    • Strike-Rupture
    • Weaken-Sunder
    • Siege-Mortar
    • Pierce-Rupture
    • Leech-Refresh
    • Poison-Venom
    • Payback-Revenge
    • Swipe-Drain

Venom X 202001

If enemy is poisoned, deal additional attack damage. Then permanently inflict Poison.

Mend TRIGGER X 104000

Heals adjacent Assaults.

  • Heals each adjacent assault.
  • For Assaults only.

Mortar TRIGGER ALL X 112001

Deals damage to an enemy Structure or half damage to an enemy Assault if no Structures.

  • Damage received by Assaults is rounded up.

Swipe X 153000

After attacking an enemy Assault, deal damage to the adjacent enemy Assaults.

  • Avenge will trigger before Swipe, but after Attack.
  • Adjacent enemies take untargeted skill damage.

Sunder TRIGGER ALL X 111001

Reduces attack of an enemy Assault and it can't increase attack or deal increased damage.

  • Targets only Assaults who will be able to attack during next turn.
  • Lasts until the end of next turn.
  • Does not affect already applied permanent Attack bonuses.
  • Does not prevent Flurry and Swipe.
  • Prevents Valor, Allegiance, Legion, Coalition, and Berserk.
  • Prevents targeting by Rally.
  • Rupture and Venom will not do additional damage.
  • Enrage will fail to apply Berserk.
  • Will not deal additional attack damage to Enfeebled enemies.

Enrage TRIGGER N ALL Y X 107500

Allied Assault gains Berserk.

  • Stacks with itself and other similar effects.
  • The Enraged status is removed at the end of the Assault’s turn.
  • Targets only cards that are able to attack.
  • Will fail on Sundered target.

Allegiance X 55000

When you play another card of this Faction, permanently increases attack and max health.

  • For Assaults only.
  • Sundered cards will only gain health.
  • Both max and current health are affected.

Drain X 153000

After attacking, Swipes and then heals this unit for the total amount of damage dealt by Swipe and Attack.

  • Works like Swipe+Leech

Stasis X 4800

When this or another Assault of the same faction is played, Protects it until it activates.

  • For Assaults only.
  • Stackable.
  • Affects each instance of damage.
  • Overloaded will ignore damage reduction effect.
  • Cannot be Inhibited.

Revenge X 2001

Enemy Assault skills that target this also target the user of that skill and adjacent Assaults.

  • Behaves like Payback.
  • Targeting all available targets spends only 1 charge.

Mimic TRIGGER X C 113000

Activate an enemy Assault's Activated skill using Mimic's power. Ignores Faction restrictions and cooldown.

  • Enhance, Evolve, Rush, Mend(For non-Assault Activator) and Mimic will not be Mimiced.
  • Overloaded status and N can be Mimiced.
  • Can target skills with "On Attacked" triggers.

Coalition X 152000

Deals additional attack damage for each different faction among allied Assaults.

  • Wielder's faction is included.
  • Extra damage cannot increase attack from 0, but can help penetrate Armor and Protect

Sabotage X 201500

At turn start, inflicts Sabotage on opposing Assault, reducing the power of its Activation skills.

  • Only affects X parameter.
  • Traget's X can be Enhanced from 0.
  • Lasts until the end of the opponent’s next turn.

Barrier X 55500

At the end of each action, Protects self for each instance of damage taken during that action.

  • Cannot be triggered by Poison damage.
  • Counter and Paybacked Strike do trigger Barrier, and it lasts until the end of the opponent’s next turn.

Entrap TRIGGER N ALL Y X 107501

Allied Assault gains Counter.

  • Lasts until the end of opponent’s turn.
  • Stackable with itself and similar effects.
  • Assaults with Entrap can target themselves.

Subdue X 7000

When damaged by an attack, permanently inflicts Subdue, reducing permanent attack and max HP increases.

  • Stackable.
  • Affects stacked value instead of each effect individually.
  • Affects both current and future bonuses.

Tribute X 2002

Friendly Assault skills that target this unit also target the user of that skill.

  • X idndicates how many times Tributecan activate.
  • Discards targeting and faction modifiers from Tributed skill.
  • Inhibit can block Tributed skill and fail Tribute activation.
  • Tributed skills cannot be Tributed.

Summon TRIGGER CARD_ID C 51100

Summons a card to the right of your rightmost card.

  • Cannot be Mimiced.
  • Triggers only once.
  • Does not trigger Allegiance.
  • Summoned cards receive Stasis.

Bravery X 51110

At turn start, if the opposing Assault has higher attack, permanently increases attack.

  • Triggers after "On Play" skills.
  • Compares only current attack value.

Absorb X 51111

Absorbs damage dealt by enemy skills each turn.

  • Refreshes at the start of the card’s turn, at the same time as Valor, before BGEs, commander skills, and On Play skills.
  • Refreshes back to its starting value.
  • Evade triggers first.

Disease X 201510

At turn start, permanently inflicts Disease on opposing Assault, reducing healing and max health increases received.

  • Permanent.
  • Stacks with itself and other Max HP effects.
  • Can cured out by positive Max HP effect.
  • Affects only consequent Max HP increases.
  • Triggers before Subdue.

Mark X 204002

After attacking an Assault, inflicts Mark, causing it to take increased damage from each attack.

  • Stacks with itself.
  • Permanent.
  • Not affected by Sabotage and cannot be Mimiced or Evaded.

Fortify TRIGGER X 104001

Permanently increases the maximum health of adjacent Assaults.

  • Stacks with itself and other maximum HP increases.
  • For Assaults only.
  • Can only be mimiced by Assaults.

Hunt X 153000

After attacking, deals damage to the leftmost enemy Assault.

  • Acts as a separate instance of damage.
  • Hunt is non-targeting skill damage and is not affected by Armor, Evade, or Revenge.
  • Activates only when attacking an Assault.
  • Activates after Swipe/Drain.

Scavenge X 5010

When another card dies, permanently increases max health.

Rupture X 152001

Deals additional attack damage and reduces the effect of damage prevention on attack damage.

  • Obtained by Evolving from Pierce.
  • First updates opponent's damage prevention stats, then deals additional damage.

Rush 103500

Reduces an allied Assault’s delay by 1.

  • Unobtainable.
  • Only targets unactivated Assaults.
  • Triggers only once unless wielded by Commander.
  • Can trigger target's Valor.

Flying 1

Attacks are dodged 50% of the time, but never when you want it to.

  • Gilian Shardkeeper has this skill and can be fused from [Vindicator Reactor, 2x Gil's Shard]

Inportant Notes

  • Cards take their turn in the following order:
    1. Commander cards
    2. Structure cards (from left to right)
    3. Assault cards (from left to right)
  • Cards use Activation skills written on them from top to bottom during their turn, before their normal attack.
  • Cards with 0 attack will not trigger skills that require attack action.
  • If attack damage is negated, the consequent effects targeting that card, like Leech or Poison, will not come into play.
  • Attack cannot go lower than 0 and health cannot go higher than card's maximum health.
  • Skill effects stack additively. Imagine as if Disease 5 and Scavenge 7 effects interact as -5+7=+2 Max HP.
  • Targeting is performed on tet-a-tet basis, therefore Payback will always reciprocate only to the skill user.


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