Activation Edit

Skills which activate during the card's turn.

In Tyrant Unleashed, cards take their turn in the following order:

  1. Commander cards
  2. Structure cards (from left to right)
  3. Assault cards (from left to right)

Cards use Activation skills written on them from top to bottom during their turn, before their normal attack.

Some friendly target skills include a faction name. Those "faction-specific" skills target only cards which belong to that faction. For example, the skill "Heal Imperial 1" can only target Imperial Assaults.

Some skills have "All" after the skill name. "All" skills affect all valid targets instead of a single random valid target.

Enfeeble large

Enfeeble XEdit

Increase Damage dealt to a random enemy Assault card.

  • X is the amount of extra damage the Assault card will take each time it is dealt damage.
  • Lasts until the end of the skill user's turn.
  • Affects damage done by normal attacks AND skills such as Strike (e.g. if a card sustained Enfeeble A gets hit by Strike B, it takes (A+B) damage, B from Strike and extra A from Enfeeble)
    • Enfeeble works only for Attacks of cards to the right of the card which uses it  - Enfeeble will not boost the Attack damage of cards to the left.
  • Enfeeble will trigger even if the Assault card would not otherwise take damage. For example, a card with 2 Attack and Enfeeble 1 attacking a card with 2 Armor will do 1 damage.
    • If an Assault has 0 attack, it will not attack at all, and will be unable to take advantage of Enfeeble.
  • Enfeeble stacks. For example, an Assault that has been affected by Enfeeble 1 and Enfeeble 2 on the same turn will take 3 extra damage from each source.
  • If Enfeeble is Paybacked it can increase the damage done by Counter and Poison. It also sticks around long enough for it to increase the damage done by Strike and normal attacks.

Enhance large

Enhance S XEdit

Increase effect of skill on a random allied Assault card.

  • S is a name of skill. This skill boosts the value of that skill on the targeted card by the X, and does not affect other skills.
    • For example, if "Enhance Poison 1" is used on the card with Pierce 2 and Poison 2, that card acts as though it has Pierce 2 and Poison 3.
  • Lasts until the end of the opponent's next turn.
  • Targets only cards which have skill S. Enhance cannot grant a skill to a card that does not already have it.

Evolve large

Evolve S S2 Edit

A random friendly Assault with S has that skill replaced with S2 until next turn.

  • Targets one friendly assault, replaces skill S with skill S2.
  • Lasts until the end of the opponent's next turn.
  • Only assaults with skill S are eligible targets.
  • Assaults with skill S2 are not eligible targets.
  • Evolve can target Assaults that are not active yet if S2 works while inactive.
  • If a skill is Enhanced, it will carry over its Enhancement when it is Evolved.

Heal large

Heal XEdit

Heals a random allied Assault card among those being wounded.

  • Targets only wounded Assault units:
    • If there are 2 units and only one is wounded, the Heal will automatically apply to the wounded unit.
    • However if the 2 units are wounded, the Heal will apply randomly (i.e. irrespective of the their wounds or current health) to one of these 2 units .
  • Target's health increases by X, but does not exceed the target's initial health.

Jam large

Jam every CEdit

Random enemy unit doesn't attack or activate abilities on its next turn. Jams every x turns.

  • C is the number of turns in between activations of this skill.
  • Lasts until the end of the opponent's next turn.
  • Targets only cards which are active or will be active during the enemy's next turn, aka cards with remaining delay 0 or 1.
  • If no card is Jammed, either because there are no legal targets, or because the Jam is Evaded, the cooldown on Jam is not triggered and it can be used again the following turn.
  • Jammed Assaults cannot attack or use Activation skills.

Mend large

Mend XEdit

Restores health to adjacent units.

  • Heal each adjacent assault for X.
  • Does not heal the user of the skill.
  • There is no Mend All.
  • This skill can only appear on Assaults, not Commanders or Structures.

Mortar large

Mortar XEdit

Deal damage to a random enemy structure or half damage to a random enemy Assault if no structures.

Overload large

Overload NEdit

Affected ally units cannot have their skills avoided or prevented.

  • Targets N friendly assaults and Overloads them until end of turn.
  • The Activation skills of Overloaded Assaults ignore Protect and bypass Evade and Inhibit.
  • Overloaded skills do not ignore Payback.
  • Only targets assaults with EnfeebleJamSiegeStrike, or Weaken.
  • If any friendly Assault is Inhibited it may also target friendly assaults with HealProtect, or Rally.
  • Only targets active Assaults that have not acted yet this turn.
  • Overload only affects skills, not an assault's normal attack.
  • Overload does not affect non-Activation skills, for example CorrosiveCounter, or Poison.

Protect large

Protect XEdit

Reduces Damage dealt to a random allied Assault card.

  • X is the amount that damage is reduced by each time damage is dealt to the targeted Assault.
  • Lasts until the end of the opponent's next turn.
  • Reduces damage done by normal attacks AND skills such as Strike, Counter, and Poison.
  • Protect stacks with itself and Armor.
  • Pierce reduces the effect of Protect.
  • If all damage from an attack is prevented, Damage-Dependent skills like Leech, Poison, Inhibit, and Berserk will not activate.

Rally large

Rally XEdit

Boosts Attack of a random allied Assault card among active units that have not taken their turn yet.

  • X is the amount the Attack is raised by.
  • Lasts until the end of the turn.
  • Rally can stack.
    • For example, an Assault with 1 Attack that is targeted by Rally 1 will have 2 Attack. If it is then targeted by Rally 2, it will have 4 Attack.
  • Targets only active Assault cards which have not taken their turn yet:
    • If the unit is an Assault card, the unit can target itself and cards on its right.
    • If the unit is a Commander or Structure card, all active Assault units can be targeted.


Rush Edit

Reduces an allied Assault’s cost by 1 the first time this card activates.

  • The skill will happen along with other Activation Skills, but will only trigger the first time Activation Skills are used by the card.
  • Units after this in the field will be targeted if they have 1 or more turns left to activate.
  • Units before this in the field will only be targeted if they have 2 or more turns left to activate.
  • If a unit that would activate Rush is Jammed, Rush’s trigger will not be used because it will not have activated.
  • Having Rush not trigger at all because the card is Jammed is not a use of Rush. It will attempt to activate again.
  • If there are no legal targets to Rush when the skill would be used, Rush will not attempt to activate the following turn.
  • If a card has both Rush and Flurry, Rush will only activate once. It only checks the first time the card activates, it doesn’t check each action the card takes that turn.
  • Rush can be inhibited. In this case it will not attempt to activate again.
  • If Rush activates card with Valor, then Valor will be immediatly triggered.
  • There no current plans for greater skill value.
  • This skill won’t be released on player obtainable cards for the foreseeable future (posted Feb 16, 2016)

Siege large

Siege XEdit

Deals damage to a random enemy Structure card.

  • X is the amount of damage dealt.

Strike large

Strike XEdit

Deals damage to a random enemy Assault card.

  • X is the amount of damage dealt.


Sunder X Edit

Disables the card's ability to gain attack bonuses and apply Weaken.

  • Sunder is Evolved from Weaken.
  • Sunder is removed at the end of the affected card’s turn, like Weaken.
  • Altered skills and effects are:
    • Avenge – Will trigger; no attack will be added, health will be added. Current effects remain.
    • Legion – Will not trigger.
    • Venom – Will not trigger.
    • Rupture – Additional damage will not trigger. Will still apply Pierce.
    • Valor – Cannot trigger. Current effects remain.
    • Berserk – Cannot trigger. Current effects remain.
    • Rally – Cannot be targeted. Current effects remain.
    • Will not deal additional attack damage to Enfeebled enemies.
  • Flurry and Swipe will still trigger if the card is Sundered.

Weaken large

Weaken XEdit

Reduces Attack of a random enemy Assault card.

  • X is the amount the Attack is lowered by.
  • Lasts until the end of the opponent's next turn.
  • Targets only cards which are active or will be active during the enemy's next turn (In short, whose timer is 0 or 1) and have at least 1 Attack.
  • Weaken can stack.
    • For example, an Assault with 5 attack that is hit by Weaken 1 will have 4 Attack. If it is then hit by Weaken 2, it will have 2 Attack.
  • Weaken cannot lower Attack below 0.
    • For example, an Assault with 2 attack that is hit by Weaken 3 will have 0 Attack.

Defensive Edit

Skills which can activate even while the card is still on delay. Some Defensive skills activate when the card is attacked or targeted by activation skills.

Armor large

Armor XEdit

Prevents damage taken by attacks.

  • X is the amount of damage that is reduced each time an attack is made against the Armored Assault.
  • Does not prevent damage done by skills such as Strike, Counter, or Poison.
  • Pierce skill reduces the effect of Armor.
  • If all damage from an attack is prevented, Damage-Dependent skills like Leech, Poison, Inhibit, and Berserk will not activate.

Avenge large

Avenge XEdit

When an adjacent friendly assault dies, attack and max health are permanently boosted.

  • X is the amount of attack and max health that are gained.
  • Avenge stacks, so if multiple adjacent assaults are killed, you can end up with even higher attack and health.
  • Avenge also stacks with Berserk.
  • Avenge can still trigger even if the assault is inactive.
  • When an assault has its max health increased, it gains that much health as well. For example, an assault with Avenge is at 5/10 health and its max health is increased by 5, it will then be at 10/15 health instead of 5/15 health.
  • If there is an empty space between one assault and the next, they do not count as adjacent, so Avenge will not trigger on one of them if the other dies.
  • If the assault with Avenge is killed at the same time as an adjacent assault, for example by Strike All, Avenge will not trigger.

Corrosive large

Corrosive XEdit

Corrode unit that damages this by attack. That unit loses Attack if it attacks, otherwise loses Corrode.

  • X is the amount of attack lost each time the Corroded unit attacks.
  • Attack cannot be reduced below 0.
  • The condition is only applied if the card with Corrosive is damaged. If the damage is prevented due to another skill, for example Protect or Armor, the condition is not applied.
  • Berserk is applied before Corrosive.
  • The loss of attack happens at the end of the Corroded unit's turn. If a Flurrying Assault is Corroded, the loss in attack will occur after both of that assault's attacks, and will not occur twice.
  • Applications of Corrode do not stack. If a Corroded Assault hits a card with a greater Corrosive value, it will become Corroded by that amount, otherwise nothing will happen.
  • If a Corroded Assault does not attack, either because of Jam or attack lowered to 0, the Corroded status is removed and attack is restored to its original amount, plus any skill that permanently increases attack, ex. Berserk and Valor.

Counter large

Counter XEdit

When damaged by an attack, deal damage to the attacker.

  • X is the amount of damage dealt to the attacker.
  • Only deals damage if the card with Counter is damaged. If the damage is prevented due to another skill, for example Protect, Counter damage is not dealt.
  • If Counter damage is greater than the attacker's health, the attacker dies.
  • Deals damage before Leech activates.

Evade large

Evade XEdit

Avoids enemy skills.

  • X is how many times the card can nullify enemy skills each turn.
  • Evade will trigger the first X times it is targeted by enemy activation skills each turn.
  • Only Activation skills are avoidable (enemy Armor or Poison cannot be ignored by Evade).
  • Evade can avoid Enfeeble, Jam, Strike, Siege, and Weaken.

Payback large

Payback XEdit

Enemy Assault skills that target this unit, also target the acting enemy unit.

  • X is how many times this card can payback enemy skills each turn.
  • Only activation skills can be paybacked. (damage-dependent skills like Poison and Inhibit cannot be Paybacked).
  • Payback can affect Enfeeble, Strike, Jam, and Weaken.
  • Structures and commanders cannot have Payback, and skills used by them cannot be Paybacked either.
  • The Paybacked skill cannot be Evaded or Paybacked.
  • When an all skill is Paybacked, only the user of that skill is targeted, not the entire enemy side.
  • The value of Paybacked Strikes are not affected by Enfeeble or Protect on either the Paybacking assault or the Strike user. However, the damage dealt by the strikes is still affected.
  • If your Payback assault dies from a skill, it can still Payback that skill.
  • If an assault has both Evade and Payback, Evade triggers first and that Assault will not Payback any skills it has Evaded.

Refresh large

Refresh XEdit

At the end of your turn, this heals itself.

  • At the end of the friendly player's turn, this assault heals itself for X.
  • Refresh is Evolved from Leech.
  • Activates even while the assault is inactive.
  • Refresh activates before Poison.

Wall large


Absorbs damage dealt to the Commander.

  • Only structures have this skill. The structure's health decreases by the amount of attack damage done to it, and it is destroyed if its health is reduced to 0 or lower.
  • Walls will absorb all the damage of an attack (e.g. if a wall with 4 health takes 6 damage, the commander takes no damage)
  • If there are multiple Walls, the leftmost one takes damage first.

Combat-Modifier Edit

Skills which affect the card's normal attack against an opposite enemy.

Legion large

Legion XEdit

Deal additional damage for each adjacent Assault card of the same Faction.

  • Whenever this assault deals attack damage, it deals X extra damage for each adjacent assault of the same faction.
  • This means that if a Legion assault has an assault of the same faction on either side of it, it will gain two times X damage.
  • Extra damage cannot increase attack from 0, but can help penetrate Armor and Protect.
  • Legion does not target, so it cannot be Inhibited.
  • Progenitors will only give bonuses for Legion to other Progenitors, not cards of all factions.

Pierce large

Pierce X Edit

Reduces the effect of Damage Prevention.

  • Ignore X points of Armor and/or Protect.
  • Only affects normal attacks, not damage dealt by other skills.

Rupture large

Rupture X Edit

Deal additional damage and reduce the effect of Damage Prevention.

  • Rupture is Evolved from Pierce.
  • Deals X additional Attack Damage and reduces the effect of Damage Prevention by X.
  • The damage is increased similar to how Legion increases the damage of a unit.
  • The amount of damage is dealt in addition to the regular damage after reducing armor/protection.

Swipe large

Swipe X Edit

When this attacks an enemy Assault card, deal damage to the adjacent enemy Assaults.

  • Damage dealt to adjacent enemies is X.
  • Damage is still dealt to adjacent enemies even if the damage from the main attack is prevented.
  • If the assault with Swipe has 0 attack, it will not attack, and will not trigger Swipe.
  • Swipe damage is not dealt to the enemy assault that is hit by the main attack, only adjacent assaults.
  • Swipe damage is increased by Enfeeble and decreased by Protect.
  • Swipe damage is not prevented by Armor, and it cannot be Evaded or Paybacked.
  • Swipe damage does not trigger the assault's Damage-Dependent skills like Berserk, Poison, and Inhibit.
  • Swipe damage does not trigger Defensive abilities that trigger when attacked like Counter or Corrosive.
  • Avenge triggers after the normal attack but before Swipe damage is dealt.

Venom large

Venom XEdit

If enemy is poisoned, deal additional attack damage. Then Poison enemy unit.

Damage-Dependent Edit

Skills which activate when the card's normal attack deals damage to enemy cards. When the attack is blocked due to enemy Armor, Protect or the card's own Attack lowered to 0, these skills do not trigger.

Berserk large

Berserk X Edit

When this unit deals attack damage, Attack is permanently boosted.

  • Attack is permanently increased by X.
  • Activates when the card deals damage to an enemy Assault, Structure, or Commander.

Inhibit large

Inhibit XEdit

Inhibits enemy Assault damaged by this card. Inhibited units avoid their own friendly skills.

  • X is the number of friendly skills avoided.
  • Affected skills include Heal, Rally, Enhance, Overload and Protect.
  • Inhibition lasts until the end of the opponent's next turn.
  • Inhibit does not stack.

Leech large

Leech X Edit

Heals this card as it deals Attack damage to an Assault card.

  • Cannot heal more than dealt damage or X.
  • Can heal for more than opposing Assault has health remaining.
  • Leech heals after Counter damage is dealt.

Poison large

Poison XEdit

Poisons enemy damaged by this card, dealing additional damage during the End phase.

  • X is the amount of damage the poisoned Assault receives at the end of each of their turns.
  • The poisoned condition lasts until the unit dies.
  • "End phase" is the time after all cards have finished their attack, so poisoned cards receive damage after all cards use abilities, including Leech, Heal and Protect.
  • Poison does not stack. If a poisoned Assault is hit by a card with a greater Poison value, it becomes poisoned by that amount instead, but the values do not combine.


Triggered skills activate at specific times or when specific conditions are met.


Allegiance Edit

When you play another card of the same faction, gain +X attack and +X health permanently.

  • Progenitors will only trigger Allegiance for other Progenitors. E.G. Playing a Progenitor will not trigger Allegiance on any other faction. Playing an Imperial will not trigger Allegiance on a Progenitor.
  • Cards that are Sundered will not gain any additional attack but will still gain health.
  • Permanent health increases from Allegiance will also heal for the same amount.
  • Adjacency does not matter
  • The assault does not need to be active in order for Allegiance to trigger
Flurry large

Flurry every CEdit

After this card attacks, Activate skills and Attack again. Flurry every C turns.

  • C is the number of turns in between activation of this skill.
  • Each attack triggers Damage-Dependent abilities, as well as on-hit abilities like Counter.
  • Jam only activates once per turn, regardless of Flurry, as the cooldown is triggered after the first use of jam
  • If the Assault with Flurry is Jammed, it will not activate Flurry and the cool-down will count down but not reset that turn.

Valor large

Valor XEdit

The first time this unit is activated, gain Attack permanently if opposing unit has more Attack.

  • When Valor triggers, increases the attack of this assault by X if the opposing assault has more attack than this assault.
  • Valor only activates once, but the attack increase is permanent.
  • If Valor fails to increase attack the first time, it does not try again.
  • Valor fails if there is no card opposing this assault.
  • Counts current attack of both cards, including modifiers from skills like Berserk, Corrosive, Valor, and Weaken.
  • Checks attack of valor unit at start of turn (before rally from friendly skills).


Skills which are known to exist but are not yet on any released cards.


Enrage XEdit

Applies status of Enraged X to another target unit. That unit acts as though it has Berserk X of its Enraged status value.

  • Enrage will stack. An Assault that is targeted with Enrage 4 and then Enrage 3 will be Enraged for 7.
  • Enrage will also stack with Berserk. An Assault with Berserk 2 that is targeted with Enrage 3 will have a Berserk value of 5.
  • The Enraged status is removed at the end of the Assault’s turn.
  • Cards must be active, not Jammed, and have more than 0 attack to be Enraged.
  • Enrage will only target units after this unit in the battlefield.
  • Enrage will only target Assaults after it in the field. An Assault with Enrage can’t Enrage itself.
  • Sunder will prevent the gaining of attack through Enrage based Berserk.
  • Berserk that is granted by Enrage may be Enhanced.

Drain Edit

  1. Damage near by cards the attacked card by the # number
  2. Heal for total damage done
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