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Dimensional Terror Swarm of the Forsaken Blood Harvest

Event Edit

Swarm of the Forsaken was the fourteenth event in Tyrant Unleashed, running from October 2nd, 2014 to October 25th. It featured the first Cards with Legion and made Valor available.

It is the first Event that took 4 Weeks.

Finishing level 10 of the boss mission in each part gives the reward card. Finishing level 50 gives a second copy so that they can be fused.

Event Box

Boss Mission

Reward Card

Fused Reward

Fusion Level 2

Part 1 Sunder Box Vitriol Subterran Horror Emerging Basilisk -
Part 2 Affliction Box Vlade Geist Animus Geist -
Part 3 Judgment Box N.O.X. Trench Trench Lobber Trench Hurler
Part 4 Bionic Box Pandemonium Wraith Apparition -

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