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Tartarus Crusade Tartarus Vengeance Escape from Arctis Prison

Event Edit

Tartarus Vengeance was the twenty-second event in Tyrant Unleashed, running from May 28th, 2015 to June 18th.

Finishing level 10 of the boss mission in each part gives the reward card. Finishing level 50 gives a second copy so that they can be fused.

Event Box Boss Mission Reward Card Fused Reward Quad Reward
Part 1 Entwine Box Blightbloom Venus Quadra Assist Quadra Threat Quadragon
Part 2 Cloak Box Infested Eos Gluttonous Fiend Insatiable Fiend Devouring Fiend
Part 3 Treachery Box Kalihmah Campaign Gethar Carnal Gethar Gethar the Monster
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