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Triumph WarEdit

Period: 7/24/2015 - 8/2/2015

The Triumph War was the seventeenth Guild War in Tyrant Unleashed.

This was the first long-format war and brought a number of changes to the war format:

  • The length of the war was extended to nine days.
  • Each individual match was extended to four hours, 30 minutes of which was matchmaking and prep time.
  • Guilds needed to pre-queue for the event, by pressing the "Start War" button once some time in the last day before the war started.
  • Starting on the second Friday of the war, all rank points earned from matches were doubled.
  • Energy was fixed at 10 per war and did not regenerate or carry over between matches.
  • Guilds no longer had to press the start war button each match, and were matched simultaneously.
  • Fortress slot health was doubled.
  • Damage dealt by attacking defensive Fortresses was doubled.
  • Repair Kits were removed. Instead, Fortresses full-healed automatically at the end of each match.
  • Reward tiers for dual Legendary and dual Epic rewards were added, as well as one additional Epic Pack.
  • Personal point requirements for all tiers were increased to match the increased number of attacks.

Event BoxesEdit

Tide Box

Hostile Box

Battleground EffectEdit

Turning Tides

Event RewardsEdit

Reward Guild Rank Member Points
Rare Pack 1-5000 Member points 10+
Epic Pack 1-2500 Member points 500+
Baughe 1-1500 Member points 1,000+
Brawl/Guild Epic 1-1000 Member points 2,000+
Baughe 1-500 Member points 3,000+
Brawl/Guild Epic 1-250 Member points 5,000+
Epic Pack 1-150 Member points 6,000+
Buggy 1-100 Member points 8,000+
Brawl/Guild Legend 1-75 Member points 8,500+
Buggy 1-50 Member points 9,000+
Brawl/Guild Legend 1-25 Member points 10,000+
Jilted Baughe 1-15 Member points 12,000+
Xixod 1-10 Member points 14,000+
Abet Buggy 1-5 Member points 15,000+
Brawl/Guild Vindicator 1-3 Member points 17,500+
Xixod 1 Member points 20,000+

Final RankingsEdit

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