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Triumph War[]

Period: 7/24/2015 - 8/2/2015

The Triumph War was the seventeenth Guild War in Tyrant Unleashed.

This was the first long-format war and brought a number of changes to the war format:

  • The length of the war was extended to nine days.
  • Each individual match was extended to four hours, 30 minutes of which was matchmaking and prep time.
  • Guilds needed to pre-queue for the event, by pressing the "Start War" button once some time in the last day before the war started.
  • Starting on the second Friday of the war, all rank points earned from matches were doubled.
  • Energy was fixed at 10 per war and did not regenerate or carry over between matches.
  • Guilds no longer had to press the start war button each match, and were matched simultaneously.
  • Fortress slot health was doubled.
  • Damage dealt by attacking defensive Fortresses was doubled.
  • Repair Kits were removed. Instead, Fortresses full-healed automatically at the end of each match.
  • Reward tiers for dual Legendary and dual Epic rewards were added, as well as one additional Epic Pack.
  • Personal point requirements for all tiers were increased to match the increased number of attacks.

Event Boxes[]

Tide Box

Hostile Box

Battleground Effect[]

Turning Tides

Event Rewards[]

Reward Guild Rank Member Points
Rare Pack 1-5000 Member points.png 10+
Epic Pack 1-2500 Member points.png 500+
Baughe 1-1500 Member points.png 1,000+
Brawl/Guild Epic 1-1000 Member points.png 2,000+
Baughe 1-500 Member points.png 3,000+
Brawl/Guild Epic 1-250 Member points.png 5,000+
Epic Pack 1-150 Member points.png 6,000+
Buggy 1-100 Member points.png 8,000+
Brawl/Guild Legend 1-75 Member points.png 8,500+
Buggy 1-50 Member points.png 9,000+
Brawl/Guild Legend 1-25 Member points.png 10,000+
Jilted Baughe 1-15 Member points.png 12,000+
Xixod 1-10 Member points.png 14,000+
Abet Buggy 1-5 Member points.png 15,000+
Brawl/Guild Vindicator 1-3 Member points.png 17,500+
Xixod 1 Member points.png 20,000+

Final Rankings[]