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History: Moonfighter was founded before the first guildwar by moonim. He wanted a guild where players could hang out, have a laugh but still be competetive. After some time he decided that he didn't have the time required to be a guildleader and gave the lead to Perkhan. Since then perk has implemented various wartactics and surrounded himself with a well-knit group of officers. This has materialized as a huge climb from a top 100 guild into a top 50 guild within 3 wars. Now 4 wars straight in the top 50, Moonfighters are looking stronger than ever and we have firmly locked our sights on the top 25 spot.[]

Recruitment: If you want to be a part of the Moonfighter family, don't hesitate to contact Perkhan on the app "Line". We are allways looking to improve, so social players with storng decks and the activity to match it, are allways welcome![]

Guild war results
Splinter wars 100+
Exodus wars 100+
Valentine massacre 100+
Red Maw Invasion 97
Apocalypse war 67
Worldship war 49
Eradication war 42
Typhons Downfall 38
Rise of the Imperials 40